August 12, 2005 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s funny that i named this blog what i did…there really aren’t that many oppurtunities for adventure in port aransas, so i guess they are all going to have to happen in my head. unless you count getting so drunk that you throw up repeatedly an adventure, which i do, since i only experienced this great joy last weekend.

to the dude i almost threw up on out there- sorry about that, i hope your shoes are okay.

final exams certainly are not an adventure, they are a major pain in the butt and a study in just how long you can feed your body crappy study food (namely doritos and cola) and deprive it of sleep before you spontaneously combust.

i had to take a couple of stingrays today- that was certainly not an adventure, it was sad, but all in the name of science, all in the name of science….

drunk kiwis dropping by unexpectedly at 230 on a thursday morning is almost an adventure. more like antic, though, especially since all he did was fall asleep as soon as he came in. i think this town is getting to more people than just me.


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