September 30, 2005 at 3:27 pm (Uncategorized)

i am continually amazed at the amount of confidence people have in me, even though there is no proof that i do anything besides stare out my window or blog all day.


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chillin' in the bluff

September 27, 2005 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized)

so, we got our apartment- yay! it took forever for them to okay it, because of the hurricane evacuation (everyone jumped town on wednesday, and didn’t come back until monday, even though the hurricane missed our part of the coast), but at last we’ve moved most of our stuff into it, and both the cat and fish seem happy, so i’m happy too. it’s a nice place, and it’s out of port aransas, which is nice, but not in a big city, which is also nice. well, technically it’s in corpus chrisiti, which is a big city, but it’s on the outskirts of it in a community/almost town called flour bluff. the complex backs up on a bay, so we can go out and look at all the awesome water birds that migrate to the coast, like white pelicans and rosette spoonbills (i’ll put up some pictures eventually), but we’ve heard rumors that you can’t eat any of the fish from this bay, because of some factory dumping or something. ah, that reminds me of austin, where you just kinda knew not to eat the fish from town lake…

i feel like it is time for me to write something insightful again, but i am just so exhausted. moving sucks, and drains all of my energy. clio can’t decide if she likes our place or not, so she meows ALL NIGHT. i’m going to have to just lock her in the bathroom eventually. i get even more tired just thinking about all the crap i have to do for my classes, and i don’t even want to think about my completely nonexistant proposal right now. i feel like i just need to sleep for several days, then everything will be better. except that i’d be several more days behind in everything. damn it. on the upside, my lovely former roommate (sigh, so sad!) had a cocktail party last night, and everyone dressed up and looked so fancy! it was loads of fun, as you can see from these pictures:

nice shot of justin lookin’ buff, eve and i gettin’ cuddly, and shin lookin’ fancy

formal looking shot of me and justin, with shin peaking over our heads. and yes, i did dye my hair red, thanks for noticing (i know you didn’t!)

okay, i gotta go read some papers to figure out just what the heck it is that i’m studying for my masters, so i leave you (all 2 people, if that many, that read this- hi eve!) with the following picture from my austin collection:
it’s the shady grove dancing bear! the sign is funny (not sure if it is legible in this pic), because it says something like “bears only- children are not bears!” and shady grove has a fantastic pesto ranch dressing….yum!

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the waiting is the hardest part…

September 20, 2005 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

i hate waiting on big things. i’m currently waiting for a call back from the apartment complex that i want to move into- they say they are just waiting on verification of my rental history, which should be squeaky clean, but i’m still nervous something is going to come up and ruin everything. i don’t have much faith in the universe anymore, not after the accident in february.

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September 19, 2005 at 4:23 pm (Uncategorized)

so, i read on another blog that “if you are going to have a blog, you should update it once a week”. well, oops. i think it’s been a while since the last time i posted (though i also went to a site where all the blogger wrote was “man, it’s been a long time since i last posted. well, bye!” about 17 times).

all i want to do is read. read fun stuff. i’ve been trying to finish the once and future king for years now, but i always get distracted. i also got the day of the trifids, which my dad loves, and is claimed to be the one science fiction novel everyone should read, even if they hate sci-fi. well, i love sci-fi, so there you go. i’m chump for not having read it already, huh? stupid…life…getting in the way of me reading all the time! i also want to read a bunch of classics, like dracula, the canterbury tales, the dante series (inferno, etc), more phillip k. dick, etc.

justin and i are getting a place in flour bluff this weekend (hopefully, let’s cross our fingers on our credit checks and that damn hurricae rita that it headed straight for port aransas). the apartment looks out over trees, which i REALLY miss. plus i’ll get to see my cat every day instead of once every month, which i am very VERY happy about. nothing cheers you up like a cat! i miss her so…. in the pic at the top, clio is lounging on nice, fresh laundry, of course, and the pic above is why i have to work in the office and not at home. i want to get a big comfy reading chair to have near the balcony in our new place- hm, how did i end up back on the subject of reading?

stupid grad school. have i already mentioned how frustrating it is? how can i have gone from 5 classes, a research project and a job, no problem, to 2 classes, 1 research project/job, and not have enough time for any of it? so far classes here are a joke, not at all what i expected from grad school, so really that gives me even less of an excuse for slacking off so much. hopefully when i live in flour bluff i’ll be away from fun stuff (um, well, i guess the only fun thing about port a is my friends, like eve), so i’ll focus more on getting shit done. that’s the plan, anyway. we’ll see how it goes.

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September 8, 2005 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

okay, i’m just sitting here at a computer reading news, and a panic attack is slowly creeping up on me, so i thought i’d document it (in hopes that the over analysis will scare it away)

my chest is a getting weird…maybe tight? i don’t know, maybe like it is turning into a big heavy vibrating stone. it is fluttering way too fast, and the tingling is moving out to my limbs. my breathing is faster (or at least i’m more aware of it). the feeling of curling up in a ball under a desk and crying my ass off it intensifying, and i’m begining to regret my descision to go out tonight…

right. gotta take a deep breath (which makes me yawn)

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September 8, 2005 at 3:20 pm (Uncategorized)

this is how i feel today:

flat, bug-eyed and over whelmed, just like this gorgeous sumatran toad i saw at the texas state aquarium (not that i’m gorgeous, but the toad sure is. just look at that expression!). and if you like that picture, take a gander at this one:

such a flat species….how could this be a successful body type? predators see it and say “wait a tic, that is just weird, i am not eating that!”?

and, because i promised him, here is a picture of my friend shin (with eve)

he’s not a flat frog but he sure is red in this picture! could the beer label on his head be a clue as to why?

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random rumbling

September 7, 2005 at 9:39 am (Uncategorized)

ok, i’m pretty sure no one reads this blog, but just in case, i switched over to a template that includes a comments option. whatever.

blah, blah…port a is boring, but the tourists have finally gone home. now we get a blissfully quite couple of weeks while we wait for all the ‘winter texans’ to show up and drive ten mph everywhere. awesome. in the meantime, i really ought to finish my proposal. like calvin says, “i’ve almost started!”

eVe said…

of course people read your blog! it’s like a sneaky peek into the brain o’ megan… you know, the REAL answer behind the “oh, fine, thanks” 😉

so THIS is what you do in your office all day long. i love it!

shhh, don’t tell scott…

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