that's love for you

October 3, 2005 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

i got an interesting text from my cutie love (aka boyfriend, fiancee, whatever) when i texted him with the line “i feel poopy” because i’m getting over a cold. he texted me back with “then i will be your charmin”. and that is why i love him.

i hate colds. they freakin’ stink. i lost an entire weekend because i slept through most of it. i think i ingested an entire box of psuedofed, and now i’m at that woozy, fevery silly part, where i’m okay enough to go into work and class, but i’m pretty out of it, mentally. plus i can’t rid of that just came out of a fever feeling. blech.

hm…i has so much insightful stuff planned to blog about, but it has all been burned out of my head. i’m looking forward to some books i ordered as early birthday presents to myself- i ordered a couple tamora peirce, the newest chicks in chainmail, and something that i can’t remember but i know that i’ve been wanting to read for a while….patricia wrede, i think. i feel shameless, reading all this children’s lit, when there are so many classics on my shelf, waiting for me to pick them up and decipher them. but, roadl dahl said some of the best, most imaginative writing out there is in the children’s fiction stuff, and i agree. it’s definitely the stuff that’ll stick with you the longest.

right. i can hear my boss chatting in the hall about fantasy football, so i gotta go work, and make him feel bad about slacking. man, i have got to get over this cold.


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