breakdown, it's alright…

October 17, 2005 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)

ah, tom petty, how i loved you in my youth…

man, i have been working my ass off lately. it’s wonderful, because i’ll finally have something to show (look, i can do science, so there!), but i’m exhausted! plus i think i’m using lab work as an excuse not to study. awesome. i have a core class midterm coming up in two days, and it seems like i just don’t care. hm, that’s first for me, usually i don’t care about lab work, but i bust my ass on studying…maybe i’m becoming a real scientist afterall?

oi, i am tired…time for a siesta…ha! i wish. i don’t know why i get so damn tired in the afternoon. caffeine crash, maybe? or is it from my fun pills? i’m worried i might have diabetes, too. seems to run on my dad’s side some, and i guess i’ll never really know if it’s on my mom’s, huh.


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