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October 24, 2005 at 5:01 pm (Uncategorized)

random extractions from my brain:

i am obsessed with skirts. this is especially weird because i was a strictly jeans-and-tee-shirt girl for my whole life, up until this past summer. now, i can’t get enough of them. specifically, i love the long, bohemian/gypsy skirts that make me feel like a hippie. and thank goodness for old navy tank tops that come in any color possible, so that i’ll always have a top for my crazy skirts. um, unless it gets cold. then i’m kinda boned. and cold.

cable is evil. we have 80 channels, and sometimes there really is nothing worth watching on, but still i flip through the channels, wasting time that i could be using to read, and killing brain cells that i could be using to write my proposal and thesis.

and, here is a fun picture of me drunk. can’t get enough of those! and look how handsome my cutie love is!


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