watch out, evil doers!

October 31, 2005 at 2:43 pm (Uncategorized)

that’s right, i was She-ra for halloween. well, for a halloween party anyway. i actually totally forgot that today was halloween for real. what a bad pagan i am!

just to give credit where it is due, i made the shirt and bought a gold belt (it’s actually an itchy scarf), but my mom made the headpiece for me when i was, i don’t know, four, maybe, for the first time i wanted to be she-ra for halloween, and then she made me the cape in high school when i wanted to be she-ra again. eve took the pictures, and lanie, who is posing with me in the below pic, is dressed as cleopatra (she tried to dress her dog, rohan, up as a mummy, but he chewed the costume off). i couldn’t find a damn white skirt anywhere, so she-ra decided she’d rather just wear blue jeans, you know, to avoid mosquito bites.

if only i really were she-ra. at least her enemies were obvious- they were evil robots, cat women, and pig faced skeleton guys. i have to deal with myself. not so fun, since you can’t just smash your own self and be done with all your problems. sigh…

so, i am currently wasting time and hurting myself, because i have to give a lecture tomorrow in my larval fish ecology class, and i have nothing ready yet….she-ra needs no larval fish! sharks and stingrays don’t even have larvae!

so, back to work. next time, i’ll have something to say about how self centered my blog is. i know that’s the point of my blog, but i still feel a little weird about it.


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