two posts in one day? crazy!

January 9, 2006 at 2:43 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, i had to post again, because it is creepy seeing my paintings pop up everytime i open up my browser. so, i have to ramble for a bit to fill up some space on my blog. um…

uncertainty makes me itchy. i hate not knowing what the heck i’ll be doing next fall. if i’m done with my masters at the end of the summer, then i have to find a job to fill the time between that and starting my phD. blech. are there jobs for me in corpus? probably not. is justin going to be cool with me wanting to move to where there are jobs for me? again, probably not. we’ll be married by then, so i have to make sure i ask him before i just go and give up our lease for a bungalow in arizona or something. ptttt.

bah! i hate working in a poor lab! it seems like we sacrifice good science to save a few bucks way to often. case in point, i’ve been using an expensive polymerase for my reactions but they’ve been working!! now we’re out and i’m being chastised even though i was told to start using the good, expensive stuff to, you know, finally get results. looks like it’s back to the crappy, cheap stuff and weeks of frustrating work with no results.

wow, i am soooo very much not working today. i added a hit counter, to further realize how few people actually give a poot about my blog. count is zero as of 4:10, 1-9-06.

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meg the painter strikes again

January 9, 2006 at 11:11 am (Uncategorized)

paintings, paintings, paintings….so i’m still really new at this and my paintings lack depth, so what? you wanna fight about it? i am still searching for a style to call my own… the top painting was me trying to be inspired by a chinese painting i found on (by anonymous), but it came out a bit flat. the white dots in the third painting that i am now calling ‘the big pink project’ look like water spots. pttt. the crazy spikey cat hare is still the best, i think, though the mushrooms in the naked fairy bit are really good, too. i want to start sketching, too. i love illustration so much, so maybe i’ll try my hand at it. i’m not scared of sketching now as i was as a kid, and there are SO many artists out there whose styles i love, so hopefully they’ll be an inspiration for me!

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meg paints

January 3, 2006 at 11:52 am (Uncategorized)

hehe! i’ve started painting! it is soooo relaxing and fantastic! my mom painted, too, so maybe that’s where i get the urge to paint from. i’m not great, but i love doing it so i don’t care. the first is an abstract “sketch” in watercolor, the second is a painting i did for a friend of a bonsai and books in acrylics, and the last is my cat clio in oils. fun!

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