crafting therapy

June 17, 2006 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized)

so after a week in which nearly all the guys in my life made me cry, including my boss who told me that my research was worthless and that i was a waste of resources, i really, really needed a day to splurge on crafting supplies and just create my little heart out. we all know my favorite thing is making stuff for people, so the fact that tomorrow is my friend summer’s birthday could not have come at a better time. check out the awesome crafty goodness!

i filled a cigar box with goodies for her- and i got to try decoupaging the box (a fancy to way to say paper mache for grownups)- which worked really well! the box looks very professional! i used printouts of vintage posters on the outside, then a pic of us and some paris pictures on the inside (she’s going to paris next year). i lined the inside with fluffy purple fabric, way to girly for my taste but truly summer’s taste.

another new technique i picked up is wire working- which i used to make her a necklace and two pairs of matchin earrings….

and i included the ever awesome marble magnets- weeeee! i want to make these for everyone on the planet….

i also included a little thing of pumkin spice fragrance (an inside joke we have) and a gift certificate for the bookstore. ah…i love planning and creating the perfect present!

watch out, watch out, eveee and laura-california! i have plans for you both…


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