ah, i love storms…

July 5, 2006 at 3:39 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s raining like freaking crazy here!!!! we’re well into summer in south texas and yet i think we’ve had only a handfull of dry days so far. I’m going to have to plan some backup, in house labs for the fishes lab i’m suppose to start teaching next week- we’re scheduled to be out in the field more than in the teaching lab, which won’t work if it’s pouring rain…

i want to find more people who blog. i want to peak into other people’s lives to see what the find is important enough to sit down and type about. i think i may finally be at the point where i don’t have to only blog about how depressed i am, and i’m ashamed that lately i’ve just been using this blog to post pics that i want to use for craftster. i gotta get better about this blogging thing. i do interesting stuff, right? hm, that comment alone may have totally disqualified me as interesting in anyway…ah, well. time to do some blog spying. come on, interesting people! let’s see your crafts and hear your grad school horror stories! am i the only person with a crap adviser who is supposed to graduate in 2 months but has crap data and no real thesis writing done? surely not!


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