July 31, 2006 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

yup. supposed to be writting some thesis right now. totally not doing it. just enjoying a day at home with the cats, catching up on my blogging, resting my tired soul. dad and tris came down this weekend to visit- yay! finally! i hope they like our place (i think they did), and that they thought the trip was worth it (4 hours of driving, just to spend less than 24 hours in south texas).

i am constantly amazed at the lack of support i get at work. case in point: i have to teach a lab, and we are supposed to go out to the beach to do some seining tomorrow. there are 12 undergrads, so we have to split up into 2 vehicles. well, i’m only one person, which means we need another driver- and no one will help out. not a frigging one. none of my friends, none of my lab mates, not even my professor. i understand that people have stuff to do. so do i. but surely one person could spare two hours of their morning to drive the two blocks it is to the beach. if this isn’t resolved, i’m going to have to cancel the lab, which the boss will see as me slacking off. he never bothers getting the real story from me, he just interprets everything i do as being wrong. man, i want to be done with this place and start a new job somewhere else! none of my other grad student friends have these problems with their advisors or their departments!

marmalade said…

please move to california! you can always count on me.


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  1. marmalade said,

    please move to california! you can always count on me.

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