can you hear it?

August 13, 2006 at 8:36 pm (Uncategorized)

it’ coming, i can hear it…it’s a quiet sound, but i know it will get louder…oh goodness…it’s the revolution! it’s now!

heck yes, i have knitted awesome fuzzy legwarmers! i am proud of them because 1) they were made in less than 24 hours 2) they are really comfortable and 3) this is the first time i’ve ever knitted something in 2 colors. i cheated and used a knifty knitter loom to make them, but whatever, they are still awesome. i don’t know if i’d ever wear them in public, but you never know. i’ve been known to do some crazy stuff sometimes. please excuse the little chunks of toilet paper in the pics- moon went on another toilet paper chomping rampage the other day and i haven’t had a chance to pick up all the pieces yet.

in other news, the boy and i discovered the charming town of rockport on friday while skipping out of an afternoon of tedious work. rockport is the only south texas coastal town that actually has a real “cool” vibe to it- it has an art district, with, i don’t know, 12 galleries on one block, and one of the coolest coffee shops i’ve ever been in (the caveat being that the service is super slow). it sucks that i’m a grad student but i have to drive 30 minutes (and that’s just from work- it’s probably 1 – 1.5 hours from home) to get to a coffee shop where i feel comfortable hanging out. the other cool part of the day might be kind of a meg thing, but this is a meg blog so i’m writing about it any way. we went by my bank in downtown corpus, and while crossing the street i saw a super tiny inca dove- it must have only just gotten it’s first full set of feathers. it wouldn’t get out of the road, so i picked it up and put it in a planter on the sidewalk- and it didn’t want to get out of my hand! it was sooooooo cute! eeee!

ok, enough girliness. time to go puruse craftster before giving in and going to be at a reasonable time so that i can function at work tomorrow.

marmalade said…

make me some!!!! it gets so cold here & i can’t wear my favorite skirts.


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  1. marmalade said,

    make me some!!!! it gets so cold here & i can’t wear my favorite skirts.

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