here comes the super nerd!

September 7, 2006 at 10:52 am (Uncategorized)

how nerdy is it that i get all excited over a flash drive? my new 2 gig flash drive came today- horray! is awesome- cheap high quality products and fast delivery! the only thing i don’t like about my new flash drive is that the cap doesn’t stay on very tightly, as it is made out of rubber. oh well, i’ll just have to be careful- so we all know i’ll lose the cap in about 3 days. as long as i don’t lose the drive, like i did my last one, i’ll be ok. i’ve already backed up my thesis on it and everything…the best part of this is that i can get the department to pay for it- grad students get a $40 reimbursement for “entertainment purposes” every semester- something to do with us paying big time ut fees but not getting to use the gym or museums or anything that the fees pay for. so, we do what we want, bring a reciept, and get the 40 bucks eventually. yay!

i also got a webcam, for keeping in touch with my brother when he moves to canada for school. assuming everything works out, of course. he’s trying to get a loan to go to school, but since he’s going to be an international student, the loan people are being weird about approving him and the school. i hope it works for him, though, he needs this oppurtunity to do what he’s good at (that being forestry).

on a sadder note, i lost my eveeee…well, not really. a bunch of masters students from my cohort graduated this semester, and then all left in the same week. eveee has moved on to bigger, much more exciting places than port a- and good for her! i’m so jealous that i’m a semester behind everyone! but, really i had to take a semester off, so i shouldn’t worry about how long this degree is taking. really i’m just jealous that they all got to leave port a! i can’t wait ’til that’s me leaving port a forever…unfortunately i don’t know when that will be. i’ll graduate in december, but justin will still be working here, so i don’t know when we’ll get to move out of the hell hole that is south texas. or even where we’ll go. somewhere on the northwest coast, i hope!

ps- i’m mostly better! my mesenteric enteritis seems to have cleared up for the most part, and i’m just kind of ignoring the cyst for now…


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