at last…

October 22, 2006 at 10:33 am (Uncategorized)

ok, blogland, i have a confession. i have been holding out on you. way back in september, i started talking to a professor in austin about a lab manager position, just kinda on a whim and because scott told me i needed to start looking into labs for after i graduate. so, after talking to the prof, through email and on the phone, and then in person…he offered me the job! horray, i will be employed after graduation afterall! and not in a fastfood place afterall. yay!!

now i just have to finish my thesis (three sections down, one to go, then revisions) and survive committee meetings and seminars and SICB…but at least i have a job. it pays better than what i get now, and is in austin, which means i get to leave the annoying hellhole that is corpus/ port aransas. the downsides, however are that i won’t be with the boy, or the cats, and that i’ll be living with justin’s mom for a while- nice lady, but i haven’t lived with a parent in a long time…


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