so far, so good.

November 21, 2006 at 9:41 am (Uncategorized)

so, work so far has been annoying, exciting, and boring, in that order. talking with administration staff who don’t understand why a grad student would get a job: annoying. ripping up boxes and finding places to put stuff: exciting. having nothing to do after 3pm: boring. i’m in austin, and for some reason i can’t anything to do! what the hell is wrong with me? transportation is sorta an issue, but not really, since the buses go everywhere. really, i just hate lugging my laptop every where. maybe i’ll have justin bring up my pc, and i’ll leave that in the office and my laptop at home. it would free me up a little, though i wouldn’t be able to hang out in the union and blog. hm, what to do, what to do…

as far as my list of stuff i gotta get done while in austin that i started a couple blogs ago… i haven’t started working out yet- i figure hiking around the ut campus is a good start, and as soon as i can do that without being winded or cheating and taking the bus, i’ll start going to the gym. i bought some japanese vocabulary flash cards, but i haven’t started using them yet. as for all the other stuff: haven’t started yet. soon, maybe. i’m just hoping i don’t fall into a tv-routine. you know, work, come home, watch tv. there’s more to life than tv (right?).

ok, time to go track down some lab packages that have apparently go walk abouts…


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the good ole union…

November 20, 2006 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

so, i’m back at ut-austin. back where i started school in the first place. specifically, i’m sitting in the union, eating a bagel and mooching off ut’s wireless. i wonder what percentage of people actually use the union’s wireless for work? 25%? less? i know i should be working, but instead i’m blogging- a much nobler cause, right?

is it bad that i have to sneak out of the house to catch a bus instead of catching a ride with justin’s mom? she’s awesome, for putting me up in her house, and feeding me, and even buying me random stuff (this weekend’s haul: jeans and makeup), but i don’t want to put her out even further by having her drive me to ut. she wants to do it, but i need some bus-time! that’s primo music-listening and blank out time.

ah, the anonymity of a big campus…no one knows where i am, and that’s how i like it. at msi, not only is there no where to lounge before getting to work, but the campus is so small- heck, the damn town is so small- that someone, if not everyone, knows where you are at all times. very annoying!

ok, time to get ready for my first day of my new job….horray! everybody cross their fingers that i’ll be able to successfully manage a lab.

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so here we are…

November 18, 2006 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

so, i’m in austin- yay! i’ve already had several strange experiences…

on the way here, we passed “wayne’s world safari”- seriously! there were 4 or 5 zebras near the fence, chomping away on grass. weird freaking texas wildlife laws… we went to texas state so laura could observe a hypoxia lab’s setup, and afterwards we went to the san marcos outlet malls. ok, they have been doing a lot of construction there, but i figured they were just building stores- haha, that’s not all!

they have a gondola ride in the middle of the parking lot! what the frick? so very, very random…

so maybe i’ll update my blog more now. and maybe i’ll actually do interesting things to blog about…

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back to the beginning…

November 15, 2006 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, goals for austin:

-survive the holidays (though less literally than last year)
-figure out what the frick it means to be a lab manager
-work out work out work out!
-read all those classics lining the shelves collecting dust…oh, dante…
-figure out if my car is worth saving
-learn japanese
-learn to knit for real, and crochet
-watch more anime
-get ready for my national talk
-get some publications out
-start moving everything back to austin…

hm, there’s probably more… i move on friday (the freaking day after tomorrow), but i’ll be living with justin’s mom, to save us some cash. wow, maybe we’ll actually get married some day… or maybe i’ll save enough to fix roxy or get a new car. we’ll see. maybe i’ll go crazy living with a parent figure again. maybe i’ll be so busy with work that i’ll only be “home” to sleep. it’s all up in the air! it’ll be a crazy adventure…right?

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brain surgery

November 6, 2006 at 6:45 pm (Uncategorized)

oh goodness, i missed my antidepressants for two days, and now that i’m back on them, the relief is so great that i feel like the withdrawl was much more painful than it really was- especially since it wasn’t actually painful, just weird. every time i moved my eyes, my brain would radiate a weird vibration, like being really drunk but without the pleasantness of it. the relief is so great that now stuff that really upset me while i was in withdrawl seem very silly now. my dad and tris were fighting yesterday, and neither realized that the other was just upset about my mom. so, i emailed dad- i hate when easy facts are presented to everyone who needs them. now, i’m thinking i over reacted, and upset my dad for nothing.

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