back to the beginning…

November 15, 2006 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, goals for austin:

-survive the holidays (though less literally than last year)
-figure out what the frick it means to be a lab manager
-work out work out work out!
-read all those classics lining the shelves collecting dust…oh, dante…
-figure out if my car is worth saving
-learn japanese
-learn to knit for real, and crochet
-watch more anime
-get ready for my national talk
-get some publications out
-start moving everything back to austin…

hm, there’s probably more… i move on friday (the freaking day after tomorrow), but i’ll be living with justin’s mom, to save us some cash. wow, maybe we’ll actually get married some day… or maybe i’ll save enough to fix roxy or get a new car. we’ll see. maybe i’ll go crazy living with a parent figure again. maybe i’ll be so busy with work that i’ll only be “home” to sleep. it’s all up in the air! it’ll be a crazy adventure…right?


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