the good ole union…

November 20, 2006 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

so, i’m back at ut-austin. back where i started school in the first place. specifically, i’m sitting in the union, eating a bagel and mooching off ut’s wireless. i wonder what percentage of people actually use the union’s wireless for work? 25%? less? i know i should be working, but instead i’m blogging- a much nobler cause, right?

is it bad that i have to sneak out of the house to catch a bus instead of catching a ride with justin’s mom? she’s awesome, for putting me up in her house, and feeding me, and even buying me random stuff (this weekend’s haul: jeans and makeup), but i don’t want to put her out even further by having her drive me to ut. she wants to do it, but i need some bus-time! that’s primo music-listening and blank out time.

ah, the anonymity of a big campus…no one knows where i am, and that’s how i like it. at msi, not only is there no where to lounge before getting to work, but the campus is so small- heck, the damn town is so small- that someone, if not everyone, knows where you are at all times. very annoying!

ok, time to get ready for my first day of my new job….horray! everybody cross their fingers that i’ll be able to successfully manage a lab.


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