so far, so good.

November 21, 2006 at 9:41 am (Uncategorized)

so, work so far has been annoying, exciting, and boring, in that order. talking with administration staff who don’t understand why a grad student would get a job: annoying. ripping up boxes and finding places to put stuff: exciting. having nothing to do after 3pm: boring. i’m in austin, and for some reason i can’t anything to do! what the hell is wrong with me? transportation is sorta an issue, but not really, since the buses go everywhere. really, i just hate lugging my laptop every where. maybe i’ll have justin bring up my pc, and i’ll leave that in the office and my laptop at home. it would free me up a little, though i wouldn’t be able to hang out in the union and blog. hm, what to do, what to do…

as far as my list of stuff i gotta get done while in austin that i started a couple blogs ago… i haven’t started working out yet- i figure hiking around the ut campus is a good start, and as soon as i can do that without being winded or cheating and taking the bus, i’ll start going to the gym. i bought some japanese vocabulary flash cards, but i haven’t started using them yet. as for all the other stuff: haven’t started yet. soon, maybe. i’m just hoping i don’t fall into a tv-routine. you know, work, come home, watch tv. there’s more to life than tv (right?).

ok, time to go track down some lab packages that have apparently go walk abouts…


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