in an effort to make the day better…

February 28, 2007 at 12:29 pm (Uncategorized)

i’m a big fan of the “help those who help themselves” blah blah stuff, so in an effort to change my karma for today, here are some pictures of tobin’s strange bed time behavior.

he must have been separated from his momma too early (hey, like me!), because every night, while i’m reading before going to sleep, he jumps into bed and starts kneading the crap out of my blue blanket. he’s pretty hardcore about it, though-he uses all four feet, and puts the blanket in his mouth, which he also suckles.

in the above pic, he’s trying to move the blanket, but he’s standing on it, so it’s not really working the way he wants.

ok. random cuteness…i’m feeling a little better. let’s hope it sticks.

R. Iosifovna said…

Such cuuuuuuteness! Aren’t you glad you kept him?!

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February 28, 2007 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

am i awake? am i even in the right universe? the day has not started well. it was incredibly hard for me to get out of bed this morning- i must have been in the totally wrong sleep cycle when my alarm went off. i felt like i was seven thousand pounds, and probably bumped into many more things than normal on my way out of the bedroom. i then set up the coffee maker to brew the exilir of life, and went back to bed, which for some reason freaked out tobin. so, no more sleeping, though i did lay there and think about the crazy dream where i played violin for ozzy ozboure, though. in real life, i cannot play the violin, which i knew in my dream, so when my big solo came up, i just hummed real loud while pretending to play. ozzy then scared the audience into rioting and leaving. definitely not one of my weirdest dreams, but up there. i finally managed to get out of bed for real, to tobin’s great relief, and i got ready for work (but had to change a couple times when i realized that i am having lunch with the boy’s mom, who is a totally lady judgerson if i dress sloppily).

so, while walking to the bus stop i observed a couple strange things, both bird related. one is that there was a massive flock of seagulls flying overhead. now, dear reader, you may not know where austin, texas is located, so let me give you this hint: the closest ocean is 200 miles away, and we have no salt water lakes, so there is no reason for seagulls to be in austin. i was thinking about how the seagulls better not start eating the eggs of my favorite song birds, like cardinals or house sparrows, when i saw this site just a scant few feet from the bus stop:

that’s a chicken, people! ok, it’s a rooster, but still, it was very random and out of place! i guess i should just be happy that it did wake me up in the morning. i know i’ve lived in neighborhoods with chickens in them before, but it is still weird to stumble across one in the middle of a city!

so, now it is not even 10am, and i’m already having a crappy work day. i’ve managed to drop a gel, which i then picked up with my fingers (hey, just how toxic is ethidium bromide anyway? sigh…). while making a new gel, i spilled ethidium bromide-laden agarose everywhere, and managed to burn myself on the thumb with it. awesome! finally, while sitting down to type this, my boss comes in early (which for him is 9:30, he’s usually here between 10 and 11) and yells at me for doing my job. fantastic!

i’m going back to bed. sigh, if only…

Anonymous said…

It’s exactly 200 miles from Port A to east Austin.

I like the chicken.

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and so begins another week…

February 26, 2007 at 9:07 am (Uncategorized)

…in the monotonous life of a lab manager. or at least it feels monotonous sometimes. maybe because i don’t have tests to stress about? or because my life no longer can be broken up into semesters? now instead i seem to measure my life by how soon i’ll get my next huge cup of coffee. at the moment, there are four different to-go coffee cups on my desk, from 3 different places (yes, one is from starbucks, but it’s not my fault- i had a gift certificate!). three are empty, but apparently i’m too lazy to throw them away. the fourth is quickly becoming empty. hopefully i’ll actually remember to grab some half-and-half on my way home today, so i can make my own coffee instead of spending 2 bucks a day on take out. mmmm, caffeine…

on to slightly more interesting things…i was going to mention how i think of some very strange things while on the bus to work, like how i actually prefer monday mornings to friday afternoons (because i have energy at the beginning of the week and i really hate those friday afternoons that just drag on FOREVER), but of course now that i’m in front of my computer, i can’t think of any good examples. i did see some strange things on the way to work, though. a few days ago, i noticed that there was a cat on the roof of a house that i pass on the way to the bus stop. nothing weird about that. upon closer inspection, i noticed that there was not just one cat on said roof, but at least 15! what the hell? i’ve seen this phenomenon several times now at the same house. does the person who lives there throw fish on the roof? or does that person smoke catnip, and the cats gather were the smoke leaves through the roof? i’ll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow, so i can take a picture of this weirdness.

i’ve also started to notice that several of the houses in my neighborhood have big statues of roman ladies holding pots or vases in their yards. cool. i’ve always enjoyed real and faux-roman art (five long years of latin will do that to you, not to mention having a mom who majored in art history). however, as you get closer to campus, the statues change. instead of faux roman ladies, there is a disturbingly high number of pig statues. now, don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against pigs, it’s just weird that i saw at least five houses with life sized pig statues, including one where someone had put sunglasses on the pig. very, very austin of them.

of course, no description of life in austin would be complete without mentioning at least one strange person i observed. no one really strange today, though i did see a girl who must have had “keep on truckin’ ” in her head, because she was indeed doing the “truckin’ ” walk. whatever. i wonder if i appear strange to people? probably, especially before i get some coffee.

midday update! i observed some more strange behavior, involving boys with beards! i was sitting in seminar, which was incredibly boring, so instead of paying attention i started looking around the room. at any given moment, at least 5 or 6 guys were stroking their beards in that “hmm, i am appearing to be thinking” kind of way, even the guys who just had stubble. does it really have anything to do with thinking? i’m pretty fidgety, but i don’t sit and stroke my chin while thinking unless i’m being sarcastic or assy. so are these guys just playing with their face hair? i asked the boy about it and he said it’s just fun.

“it’s like a head handle,” he told me. he only messed with his beard when he was thinking about his beard, not thinking about stuff in general (he’s beardless now, his mom guilted him out of it).

my conclusion: boys are weird.

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part time pet

February 25, 2007 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)

last tuesday, my dad and i went out to eat for a combined fat tuesday/mom’s birthday dinner. after dinner (which involved 3 different crawfish dishes, oh my goodness…), we went back to my apartment for coffee and cake. while hanging out on the balcony so dad could smoke, he heard a cat meowing- crying, really. now, there is something you should know about me: i cannot stand hearing a cat cry. kids? whatever, someone will help them out- not that i’m heartless, but cries of a baby don’t break my heart like the cries of a cat. maybe it has something to do with the fact that my parents had a cat that would sleep with me in my crib when i was a baby? anyway, the point is that i heard this cat crying and starting walking downstairs to see what was going on. halfway down, this big gray cat ran up the rest of the stairs to meet me. i petted the cat, picked him up, cuddled and then when the cat jumped out of my arms and ran off, i went back up and dad and i went back in to drink our coffee. well, we’re sitting there and we hear a cat meow- realllllly loudly. the damn cat had run all the way up to the 3rd floor and was sitting right outside the balcony door, yelling at us. i got him some tuna, but before i could give him the tuna, he ran inside and started investigating everything. long story (sorta) short, the cat totally adopted me. so, i have a part time cat who i have named tobin. he hangs out with me at night, then leaves in the morning when i go to work.

i’ve named him tobin after the main character in a series of books i was reading at the time (the tamir series by lynn flewelling, very good books!). i picked this name because i’m still not totally sure if tobin is a boy or a girl (read the books, it’ll make sense). there is a dilemma, though. i already have two cats…but they are in corpus with the boy. so i’m lonely and catless in austin, and this cat adopts me…what do i do when the boy moves back to austin with the cats? we can’t have three cats, that’s just crazy…not to mention the amount of cat poop we’d have to deal with. but tobin is so sweet. sigh…

R. Iosifovna said…

He is adorable! Keep him! I very rarely sound optimistic, but perhaps he came into your life for a reason =)

PS. I adore you and your blog!

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a day in the life…

February 21, 2007 at 11:15 am (Uncategorized)

i read the news today, oh boy…oh, wait, i’m not a beatle…oh, how i amuse myself!

so, my boss has once again run out to do things and left me nothing to do…so it’s blog time! i know i should be a good lab manager and find something to do, but i stand by the idea that i’m just so good a lab manager that i don’t leave myself anything to do during times like these. i’m sure that’ll change once we have more people in the lab, though.

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happy birthday, mom

February 20, 2007 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

so, today would’ve been my mom’s 50th birthday. two years after she died and it still really hurts. i really can’t talk to people about it now, because they get all weird and i can tell they are thinking “shouldn’t she be over this by now?” i saw people give me that look just months after the accident, so talking about it now is really out of the question. i just hope i’m living my life in a way she would be proud of.

Ida said…

Those looks are insane, it’s not an event someone “gets over”. My mom’s parents died when she was 9, and its still with her (and me).

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millions of years later…

February 16, 2007 at 11:20 am (Uncategorized)

i’m back! grad school chewed me up and spit me out, but somehow i survived and got my fancy piece of paper declaring me a master of marine science. woohoo! i even managed to get a good job out of this- i’m a lab manager in austin now, in a lab that does coral molecular bio. go fig that i’d find my perfect job back in austin, huh? ah, so happy to be back in a town with more to offer than chain restaurants and country music…

i intend to update my blog more often now- after all, it’s not like i have homework to do anymore, so i really don’t have any excuse. i just got an awesome apartment, and will have internet hooked up in it tomorrow (so i can stop stealing people’s unsecured wireless connections…) so the blogging opportunities look good, even if the only person who actually reads this is, well, me.

more news to come…

R. Iosifovna said…

Bravo on finishing grad school!

Thanks for the movie recommendation (Auntie Mame).

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