February 28, 2007 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

am i awake? am i even in the right universe? the day has not started well. it was incredibly hard for me to get out of bed this morning- i must have been in the totally wrong sleep cycle when my alarm went off. i felt like i was seven thousand pounds, and probably bumped into many more things than normal on my way out of the bedroom. i then set up the coffee maker to brew the exilir of life, and went back to bed, which for some reason freaked out tobin. so, no more sleeping, though i did lay there and think about the crazy dream where i played violin for ozzy ozboure, though. in real life, i cannot play the violin, which i knew in my dream, so when my big solo came up, i just hummed real loud while pretending to play. ozzy then scared the audience into rioting and leaving. definitely not one of my weirdest dreams, but up there. i finally managed to get out of bed for real, to tobin’s great relief, and i got ready for work (but had to change a couple times when i realized that i am having lunch with the boy’s mom, who is a totally lady judgerson if i dress sloppily).

so, while walking to the bus stop i observed a couple strange things, both bird related. one is that there was a massive flock of seagulls flying overhead. now, dear reader, you may not know where austin, texas is located, so let me give you this hint: the closest ocean is 200 miles away, and we have no salt water lakes, so there is no reason for seagulls to be in austin. i was thinking about how the seagulls better not start eating the eggs of my favorite song birds, like cardinals or house sparrows, when i saw this site just a scant few feet from the bus stop:

that’s a chicken, people! ok, it’s a rooster, but still, it was very random and out of place! i guess i should just be happy that it did wake me up in the morning. i know i’ve lived in neighborhoods with chickens in them before, but it is still weird to stumble across one in the middle of a city!

so, now it is not even 10am, and i’m already having a crappy work day. i’ve managed to drop a gel, which i then picked up with my fingers (hey, just how toxic is ethidium bromide anyway? sigh…). while making a new gel, i spilled ethidium bromide-laden agarose everywhere, and managed to burn myself on the thumb with it. awesome! finally, while sitting down to type this, my boss comes in early (which for him is 9:30, he’s usually here between 10 and 11) and yells at me for doing my job. fantastic!

i’m going back to bed. sigh, if only…

Anonymous said…

It’s exactly 200 miles from Port A to east Austin.

I like the chicken.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    It’s exactly 200 miles from Port A to east Austin.I like the chicken.

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