March 22, 2007 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized)

i know my mom loved me, but several things still bother me. did she know i was there at the hospital that night? did she think about me or tristan at all at the end?

did she know i loved her?

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for ida, with pictures…lots of pictures.

March 19, 2007 at 5:34 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, i’ve been meaning to update this for a week or so now…

so, there have been changes! as you know, i started my first real life job a few months ago. then, last week, i quit it! the boss was mean, the work was boring, and i just needed a change. now i’m working in a lab -a world famous lab, mind you-that does endocrinology! horray!!! the only thing is that i am working with rats now. i have no problem with rats, i actually think they are pretty cute, and therein lies the problem, as i’m going to be in charge of rat surgeries and sacrifices. damnit. oh well, at least i go home happy with work everyday instead of being so disillusioned by how my life has turned out that i want to sleep forever and never wake up. ah, it’s so nice to have a job i enjoy again!

on to other notes….

i went to some sxsw concerts this year- for anyone who doesn’t know, austin has a monster arts festival every spring break called south by south west that showcases music, movies, etc. it’s super world famous, but until this year i’d never actually gone to any shows or anything, since, being that i live in austin, i can go to shows pretty much anytime i want to. anyway, so this year i finally got involved in sxsw (or “southby,” as the cool kids put it) and went to some free shows with a friend of mine from out of town. here’s a picture of ghostland observatory:

things to observe: yes, it’s blurry- because the singer and the hipster fans in the front row were dancing crazy! the shininess of the girl’s dress is only downplayed by the camera- and even her shoes were shiny. but most weird were the two guys in native headdresses… what? they never explained that one. then, on st. patrick’s day i went to the dog and duck english pub for an all day irish music festival, including (of course) bagpipes, kilts and celtic dancers!
ah, i love bagpipes, kilts and celtic dancers…

hm…i had all these existential, meaningful things to say in my next post, but of course now that i’m sitting down to type, i can’t think of anything good. poop. i had a fun invader on my porch the other day, though:
he/she is so evil looking!! but raccoons are very much less evil than possums, which look like the rodents of unusual size from the princess bride. raccoons look almost cute, like big, cute rabies machines.

and finally, a cat picture. i went to see the boy in corpus this weekend and took pictures of moon while we were out walking here. yes, we walk her. she is crazy, and loves it. we get weird looks or outright stares all the time.
isn’t she pretty?!?!

ok, next post will probably be crafty in nature, i’ve been beading quite a bit lately!

R. Iosifovna said…

I’m so jealous! I would have LOVED to go to sxsw!

I’ve been contemplating my own career path lately. Sometimes i just rather have a minimum wage job (freakishly, I’m almost serious). Arg.

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what did i do?!?!

March 11, 2007 at 6:31 pm (Uncategorized)

so, i am a very clumsy person. sometimes this means that i find random wounds on me that i cannot remember getting, but usually they are little scraps or minor bruises….but look what i found last night!
(please ignore any stubble, it is getting close shaving day…). now, i may have gotten this lovely bruise while falling out of my dad’s girlfriend’s pickup truck, but i don’t remember hitting anything hard enough to cause such a massive bruise! this is by far the craziest bruise i’ve ever discovered. yikes!

R. Iosifovna said…

If I fall only once- its a great day.

Recently, I landed on my ass, and the bruise took up 1/2 of my left butt cheeck. I figured it would be inappropriate to post.

And, I too have a INSANE coffee obsession.

Ida said…

I keep clicking and clicking! But alas, no updates!

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100 posts, 100 facts

March 7, 2007 at 11:30 am (Uncategorized)

horray, this is my 100th blog post! it only took, what, two years? here’s 100 random facts about me, in no particular order. read on, learn stuff about me that you never really knew, stuff that maybe i didn’t even know ’til i wrote it!

1. i have a masters degree in marine science
2. i’ve known i was going to be a marine biologist since the 5th grade, though now i’m not so sure- this may just be due to my poopy boss, though.
3. i have three cats, two betas and a fiancee.
4. the fiancee and i have been together eight years- but we have no wedding date in mind, we just know we’ll get married and like introducing each other as “fiancee” instead of “girl/boy friend”.
5. i’m thinking about getting a second masters degree in a more general zoology program
6. i played the bass clarinet for 6 years, and got really good at it- then had to give it up for college. i actually cried about it at my graduation ceremony, while everyone else cried about their friends. chumps. i now own my own bass clarinet, but rarely get the chance to play it.
7. my bass clarinet’s name is bessie.
8. i used to get this overwhelming urge to just quit grad school and be a stay at home mom (which means i’d have to have some babies), but i just shrug it off as hormones. stupid biological conspiracy!
9. i’ve recently rediscovered my crafty side, but i’m worried that the antidepressants i’m on seriously inhibit my creativity.
10. heck, i worry that the antidepressants i’m on inhibit my personality. but i gotta take the stupid things, to be a “normal”, nonsuicidal person.
11. i really hate wearing flip flops. they make my feet hurt! i need more arch support!
12. if i think about light bulbs for any longer than a passing second, i get depressed. the night my mom died, when we were on the way out the door to the hospital, we noticed that someone had stolen our lightbulb out of our porch light. that memory is extremely clear in my mind, and i remember pausing and thinking “why the heck would someone steal our light bulb?” when i should’ve been thinking “i really hope my parents are ok”.
13. i really hate it when people leave parentheses open. seriously bugs me.
14. i like to pretend that either no one reads my blog, or that everyone does. super famous people even.
15. i like leaving little encouraging comments on people’s blogs, very randomly.
16. the summer before i started high school, my friend had a birthday party that involved going to a gypsy psychic. the lady told me lots of stuff (gotta fill those 5 minutes!), but the only things that i remember that really stood out were that she said i would have lots of trouble in love, and that marine biology was not what i’d end up doing (she was really surprised when i said that was my career choice). i still think about that incident a lot, especially since i’ve been questioning my choice to be in marine biology (but all it takes to get me back on track is to look at some fish!).
17. i like both coffee and tea. cream, no sugar in the coffee, but nothing in the tea.
18. i’ve recently started getting back in touch with friends i haven’t talked to since i had to move away for high school, but i’m pretty socially retarded so i haven’t actually starting hanging out with them get.
19. i might be addicted to coffee.
20. i have asthma.
21. i love fish. i will violently defend just how awesome fish are to anyone who says otherwise.
22. i especially love elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays).
23. i have this amazing ability to always end up working for jerks. what’s the deal with that?
24. i live in austin but my fiancee and two of the cats (and one of the betas) live in corpus. boo!
25. sometimes i’m a redhead, but usually i’m a frizzy darkish blonde.
26. i have very bad sleeping habits.
27. i like to read. a LOT.
28. one of my favorite things to do is to take a book to a restaurant and read while i’m eating.
29. i like crazy socks.
30. i owe a jillion dollars in student loans.
31. sometimes i have this overwhelming desire to just jump on a plane and fly away…
32. i own a car that does not function, so i take the bus everywhere.
33. i once filled out a bus survey and said that i took the bus as a protest of the war for oil.
34. i have had a CAT scan. it wasn’t as scary as i thought it was going to be.
35. the above mentioned CAT scan showed that i have ovarian cysts, but i haven’t done anything about them yet. they weren’t the focus of the scan, just a fun little extra.
36. i own two guitars but can’t play either one yet.
37. i used to dream of being a rock star, but not in the chumpy american idol way.
38. sometimes the song stuck in my head gets so loud that i can’t hear myself think.
39. one of my biggest pet peeves is when people on the bus think that their crap needs to take up an entire seat, when there are people standing because there are no other open seats.
40. i also hate it when i’m walking down the sidewalk and a group of people are walking towards me, all abreast so that i have to actually get off the sidewalk or run into them.
41. sometimes i run into them on purpose.
42. i’ve read all the hitchhiker books by douglas adams. my favorite character was the grumpy rain god.
43. i’ve also read his nature book, last chance to see. if you haven’t, you should.
44. i am quite out of shape right now.
45. i really like to bead.
46. i like silly little toys.
47. i still read comic books.
48. i still like cartoons.
49. i’ve recently realized that all the cartoons of my youth were actually very horribly animated.
50. i’m not so sure about this “being an adult” business.
51. i like going to the petstore and taking pictures of the animals.
52. i’m a cat person, but someday i want to have a dog. the idea of taking an animal with me when i go to the park to read just seems so cool.
53. i have an apartment with a fire place.
54. i’m an autumn girl. spring’s alright, but autumn it better.
55. i’m very easily distracted.
56. ever since i got on antidepressants after my mom died, my memory has gone to poop.
57. my favorite holiday has always been halloween, even though for the past few years i haven’t done anything for it.
58. i went to a renaissance fair once, in costume. it was really fun.
59. i am a super nerd.
60. i like doing dishes at work, but hate doing them at home.
61. i work in a lab on the campus of the university where i got both my bachelors and masters degrees.
62. i live in austin, so of course i have seasonal allergies like you wouldn’t believe. unfortunately, it’s always allergy season in austin, year-round.
63. i am currently totally slacking off at work while writing this list.
64. i talk to my dad almost every day on the phone.
65. i have a younger brother named tristan, who is living in oregon at the moment. he lived in canada for a while!
66. i very rarely call people by their actual names. i’m all about crazy, meaningless nicknames.
67. i’m contemplating getting another cup of coffee. i’m always contemplating this, it seems.
68. my office is a super mess, but i know where everything is. generally.
69. my apartment is also a mess, but less so than my office.
70. i really hate doing laundry.
71. one time, i hadn’t done laundry in so long that i ran out of clean underwear. rather than actually doing my laundry, i bought more underwear.
72. i have worked in two bowling alleys. not on purpose, though- i just needed a job in high school and they were the only place that would hire a 16 year old with no sales experience. then in college i needed a job and only had bowling alley experience.
73. i got my first job when i was 15- i was an assistant day camp counselor.
74. the only thing i really liked about working at either bowling alley was that i was really good at it, and got lots of praise
and even more raises. i miss that.
75. my two longest relationships have both been with guys named justin who were born in arkansas. the first was a closet homosexual (how do i know? he was more interested in skinny dipping with his male bisexual friend) and the second is my current fiancee..
76. i am a really bad speller.
77. i’m not so hot at math sometimes either.
78. the first math i was really good at was calculus.
79. to this day, i have never actually used any calculus.
80. i love cheese.
81. i don’t like wine or beer.
82. i like rum. very much. and sake.
83. i like hanging out in bookstores. only usually this leads to my buying lots of books, so i try not to do it too often.
84. i’ve lived in texas my whole life but i don’t have a gun, i’ve never ridden a horse, and i’m definitely not republican. i don’t really have a texas accent, either. austin is the anti-texas!
85. i am pagan, but not in a fluffy spells and fairies and such kind of way. i just really respect the power of nature and really don’t like the power of organized religion.
86. i feel guilty about watching so much tv.
87. i wear glasses.
88. i really don’t like wearing contacts. they bug the crap out of my eyes.
89. my favorite way to curse is to say “$&%# and a half!”
90. when i was a kid i collected rocks.
91. i wanted to be a paleontologist until i hit the 5th grade. one of the last classes i took in college was a bones morphology class, and it made me realize that maybe i still did want to be a paleontologist…
92. i went to prekindergarten twice, though not through any fault of my own. my parent enrolled me in a private/hippie school when i was 3 or 4, and then when they tried to enroll me in the public school system, i was told i was too young for kindergarten, so i had to do a second year of pre-K.
93. my middle name is ludmilla and i love it. ludmilla was a fairy princess in russian fairy tales, and a character in my dad’s favorite robert heinlein book. too bad the fairy princess is sorta a chump and the book character dies. i really just like it ’cause it’s unique, whereas megan is very much not.
94. i really hate the color pink. with a monster passion.
95. pink in flowers is ok.
96. i think thermacare heating pads are one of the greatest inventions ever.
97. i like many, many kinds of music, but most country music makes me violently annoyed.
98. i like to play silly video games like ratchet and clank. i think i should be crowned queen of all nerds.
99. my 29th birthday will be on 10-10-10.
100. i really hate daylight savings time. i understand the need, but i hate it nonetheless.

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going cosmic

March 5, 2007 at 9:23 am (Uncategorized)

let me just start out by saying that last week was awful, even more awful in a general poopiness kind of way than i’ve seen in a long time. dad and his girlfriend came dangerously close to breaking up, my boss was a total, complete, inexcusable jerk, and the boy almost died in a boating accident, not to mention all the tornadoes and bus accidents around the country. the world just seemed slightly more psycho and life seemed much more pointless. why, why was everyone and everything going crazy? i have a theory…full moon madness!

remember, i am a scientist, and while i quite enjoy reading fantasy, i scarcely believe it. however, every time the world seems to go mad, i’ve noticed it’s always around a full moon. this was super apparent when i worked in a bowling alley in high school. we’d have the normal grumpy customer every day, sure, but those days when nearly all the people coming in were jerks, or we had multiple reasons to call the cops- these days showed a disturbing tendency to be on nights of the full moon. grown men throwing temper tantrums and throwing shoes everywhere, customers yelling at me for stupid, pointless reasons, and even fights between league bowlers only seemed to happen on full moon nights. of course, any scientist worth her weight in salt (i’ve always wanted to use that phrase) will point out that correlation does not prove causation- meaning that just ’cause that stuff happens on full moon nights doesn’t mean the full moon causes it, it could just be coincidence. (my favorite example of correlation not equaling causation- ice cream sales and murders go up in the summer- so if correlation did equal causation, that means ice cream makes people murder!). but if it is just a coincidence, it is quite an odd and frequently reoccurring one! time to dive into the scientific literature to see if there is any mention of it…

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