going cosmic

March 5, 2007 at 9:23 am (Uncategorized)

let me just start out by saying that last week was awful, even more awful in a general poopiness kind of way than i’ve seen in a long time. dad and his girlfriend came dangerously close to breaking up, my boss was a total, complete, inexcusable jerk, and the boy almost died in a boating accident, not to mention all the tornadoes and bus accidents around the country. the world just seemed slightly more psycho and life seemed much more pointless. why, why was everyone and everything going crazy? i have a theory…full moon madness!

remember, i am a scientist, and while i quite enjoy reading fantasy, i scarcely believe it. however, every time the world seems to go mad, i’ve noticed it’s always around a full moon. this was super apparent when i worked in a bowling alley in high school. we’d have the normal grumpy customer every day, sure, but those days when nearly all the people coming in were jerks, or we had multiple reasons to call the cops- these days showed a disturbing tendency to be on nights of the full moon. grown men throwing temper tantrums and throwing shoes everywhere, customers yelling at me for stupid, pointless reasons, and even fights between league bowlers only seemed to happen on full moon nights. of course, any scientist worth her weight in salt (i’ve always wanted to use that phrase) will point out that correlation does not prove causation- meaning that just ’cause that stuff happens on full moon nights doesn’t mean the full moon causes it, it could just be coincidence. (my favorite example of correlation not equaling causation- ice cream sales and murders go up in the summer- so if correlation did equal causation, that means ice cream makes people murder!). but if it is just a coincidence, it is quite an odd and frequently reoccurring one! time to dive into the scientific literature to see if there is any mention of it…


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