for ida, with pictures…lots of pictures.

March 19, 2007 at 5:34 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, i’ve been meaning to update this for a week or so now…

so, there have been changes! as you know, i started my first real life job a few months ago. then, last week, i quit it! the boss was mean, the work was boring, and i just needed a change. now i’m working in a lab -a world famous lab, mind you-that does endocrinology! horray!!! the only thing is that i am working with rats now. i have no problem with rats, i actually think they are pretty cute, and therein lies the problem, as i’m going to be in charge of rat surgeries and sacrifices. damnit. oh well, at least i go home happy with work everyday instead of being so disillusioned by how my life has turned out that i want to sleep forever and never wake up. ah, it’s so nice to have a job i enjoy again!

on to other notes….

i went to some sxsw concerts this year- for anyone who doesn’t know, austin has a monster arts festival every spring break called south by south west that showcases music, movies, etc. it’s super world famous, but until this year i’d never actually gone to any shows or anything, since, being that i live in austin, i can go to shows pretty much anytime i want to. anyway, so this year i finally got involved in sxsw (or “southby,” as the cool kids put it) and went to some free shows with a friend of mine from out of town. here’s a picture of ghostland observatory:

things to observe: yes, it’s blurry- because the singer and the hipster fans in the front row were dancing crazy! the shininess of the girl’s dress is only downplayed by the camera- and even her shoes were shiny. but most weird were the two guys in native headdresses… what? they never explained that one. then, on st. patrick’s day i went to the dog and duck english pub for an all day irish music festival, including (of course) bagpipes, kilts and celtic dancers!
ah, i love bagpipes, kilts and celtic dancers…

hm…i had all these existential, meaningful things to say in my next post, but of course now that i’m sitting down to type, i can’t think of anything good. poop. i had a fun invader on my porch the other day, though:
he/she is so evil looking!! but raccoons are very much less evil than possums, which look like the rodents of unusual size from the princess bride. raccoons look almost cute, like big, cute rabies machines.

and finally, a cat picture. i went to see the boy in corpus this weekend and took pictures of moon while we were out walking here. yes, we walk her. she is crazy, and loves it. we get weird looks or outright stares all the time.
isn’t she pretty?!?!

ok, next post will probably be crafty in nature, i’ve been beading quite a bit lately!

R. Iosifovna said…

I’m so jealous! I would have LOVED to go to sxsw!

I’ve been contemplating my own career path lately. Sometimes i just rather have a minimum wage job (freakishly, I’m almost serious). Arg.


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  1. R. Iosifovna said,

    I’m so jealous! I would have LOVED to go to sxsw!I’ve been contemplating my own career path lately. Sometimes i just rather have a minimum wage job (freakishly, I’m almost serious). Arg.

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