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April 2, 2007 at 8:29 am (Uncategorized)

rrrr…i’m not in a good mood today. the coffee is helping, but the huge big red spill on the floor next to my desk that someone left for me is not. is it really so difficult for people to clean up after themselves? i’m the first to admit that i’m not exactly a neat freak (to say the least), but i do clean up spills immediately.

so, being that i’m in a bad mood anyway, i thought i share somethings that people say to me that really piss me off (just in case someone thinks i’m talking about them specifically, each of the following points have been said or done to me repeatedly):

1). i hate it when people tell me how to dress. i am a big fan of jeans and a t-shirt, is there anything wrong with this? no! i work in a lab! but several people have mentioned that i dress like a kid. what does that mean? just ’cause i’m 25 i should be wearing boring clothes? i don’t think so, people. back off my cartoon t-shirts! (on that note, check out the fantastic t-shirt i found at hot topic- but ignore the tragically hip store model wearing it, i got this pic from the hot topic website:

freakin’ awesome, isn’t it!?!?! love what you do, that’s my motto.)

2). i hate it when people think they know more about the size i wear than me. i’ve had many years experience figuring out what clothes fit me, and just glancing at my midsection does not make you an expert on what size i should get. i am deceptively plump!

3). i am continually both amused and annoyed at my christian friends who assume that because i’m a pagan, i have no religion. they think that because i don’t buy into organized religion one bit, that i must have no idea how to pray, or that i don’t worship. it’s really none of anyone’s business how or who i “pray” to. yeah, i believe in god, but he’s got enough to worry about and i’m ok with him totally ignoring me. i’m not a part of his following. i think it’s pretty obvious that after losing my mom, i’d be more inclined to have faith in a goddess figure. afterall, my mom was my guide for life, and now, without her, i substitute a “pagan” belief system which i work into my spirituality. it works for me, and i don’t like getting judgement from ANYONE about it. back off or i’ll send the dragons after you (haha, that’s joke, people!).

4). the biggest thing that gets to me is that people seem to think that because my mom died in a car accident, i must really want to talk about other car accidents. or maybe they think that they can one up me by talking about car accidents that have impacted their lives. i DON’T GET IT. i never, ever want to just sit and chat about car accidents. do not think that just because i have lost someone in a car accident that i want to connect to you and your car accident stories. that may sound harsh, but i have yet to encounter someone who isn’t just trying to top my experience with their own.

what it really boils down to is this: i am very nearly comfortable with myself in nearly all aspects of my life. especially how i dress. i’ve almost completely gotten over the social reflex of wondering what everyone thinks about me. i know what i like and don’t like, and what works for me. this has taken a really long time for me to accomplish, and it annoys the crap out of me when people try to tear this down. yeah, i like cartoon t-shirts- maybe i’m just closer to my inner child than most people will ever be. i had to almost lose it to realize that. i know that there are much, much more important things in life than the mundane things people tend to worry about on a day to day basis, so i try very hard to life my life in an “enjoy thyself” manner. if that intimidates people, well, tough boobies. that’s not my intention, but it took a major life changing event to get this confidence and i’m not giving it up!

-end rant. back to work. maybe later i’ll post a cheerier blog. don’t get your hopes up. rrrrr.

spacedi said…

I think cartoon shirts are cool. 🙂


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  1. spacedi said,

    I think cartoon shirts are cool. 🙂

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