April 11, 2007 at 12:16 pm (Uncategorized)

poo, a whole week with no posting….i am lame. i do have some little minor ideas i was going to try to flush out, but never really got around to:

-in the time honored tradition of naming things you love, such as children, pets and cars, i have named my bass clarinet. her name is bessie. i love her. she may be plastic but she still sounds great. or at least ok, which is good enough for me.

-does anyone else on the planet get this weird sensation when they close their eyes they they are actually much smaller than their body? i’m talking child sized, rattling around in a giant sized body. is it just me? is there some wiring in my brain that just never kept up with my growth spurts or something, so that my sense of self doesn’t really match my adult body? i don’t get it.

-i am annoyed by the people who supply the rats to my lab. i tell them i need females, and they bring me males. what?!!? seriously, can they be more annoying? grrrr….

um….i think that is all i have for this lame post. maybe i’ll have something more interesting later? my dad is giving me my mom’s sewing machine today, so that’s cool….maybe the next post will be crafty in nature!


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