further turtle power

April 25, 2007 at 11:44 am (Uncategorized)

yesterday was a good day for turtles for me. first, i saw a super awesome cute turtle at the turtle pond- see last post- and then at home i was inspired to do some polymer clay crafting- behold the mini ninja turtle!
leonardo was always my favorite, so of course i made him rather than any other of the turtles. they’ll come next, followed by some mousers and monsters. i am annoyed that i forgot to give him arm bands and knee pads (or whatever they really are)! maybe i can add them in.

i also made a little rat- he had a cute little curly tail, but when i took him to work to be my lab mascot the curly part broke off! but, i can glue it back on, so all is well. speaking of tails…

hahaha! turtle tail! yeah it’s blurry but i don’t care. i love the tail. the turtles had tails in the comics, but somehow they were lost when they became animated. ah, the nerdiness.

so, i guess i should mention that i’m on day 6 of the reduced antidepressants, and i’m still doing well. today i take my last one…then i’m off them for “good” unless i relapse or something. wheee! and i’m still creative, as evidenced by the above guys!


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