new work 'pooter

April 30, 2007 at 4:56 pm (Uncategorized)

so, here it is, 6pm, and i’m still at work. why, oh why am i still at work? i’m not a student! i’m a tech! that means leaving early! ah, but i have a new computer! a work computer, meaning that i can leave my personal laptop at home and not have to cart it around wherever i go, horray!

but, all is not well in the land of meg.

it’s a mac.

i’m a pc person.


but, it is little, and pretty, and shiny and new, which is always nice, not to mention the fact that i did not have to pay a cent for it. it takes forever to install stuff, which is annoying- i think it’s funny that mac people swear up and down that you can use macs right out of the box, while pcs have to wait forever to be user-ready-ha! i’ve been installing stuff since 3:30 on this here mac. not to mention learning all the strange features, like the subtle differences in pc and mac keyboards- the important difference is where i expected there to be a delete key, there is instead an eject key- no! ah well, the computer was running slow because of the installs and didn’t notice the eject request, so nothing dramatic happened. all in all, this ‘pooter feels sorta like a toy compared to the trusty hp i usually use. but, whatever.

alright. time to go home. yes, this was a boring and seemingly pointless post, but i was waiting on a program to install and had to kill some time…


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