"if your righteous indignation has suffered a hit"

May 26, 2007 at 8:11 pm (Uncategorized)

oh my, bloggies…i have discovered the treasure trove of 80s and 90s cartoon theme songs that have been meticulously archived on youtube…

for example:
30 minutes of 80s intros
this montage includes several cartoons i only very vaguely remember watching while waiting for other cartoons to come on, such as bravestar (“on the planet of new texas…” oh my.). some of them i think shouldn’t have been made- come on, the castaways of gilligan’s island somehow get sent to their own planet? please…though very fitting with the whole 80s cartoon general theme of people getting sent to other universes, times, etc, really…

several have been honorably labeled as “most painfully unforgettable theme songs” at http://www.cracked.com/index.php?name=News&sid=1970 – and my favorite turtles are at number one!

while my friends are out on this cool saturday evening drinking beer, watching concerts, and just generally being normal human beings, i have been reliving my childhood watching these videos. i had nearly forgotten about bucky o’hare and the dinosaucers! not to mention dangermouse (who i was for halloween when i was 4 or 5), voltron, he-man and she-ra, of course (though i didn’t know there was a ‘new adventures of he-man’ where he gets sent to future- lame!), the littles (which was based on a book, thank you very much, though i’m pretty sure no where in the book was the line “can’t stop the littles ’cause the littles won’t stop”) and the cool version of sonic the hedgehog, which had a very green-power theme to it (actually, a lot of 80s cartoons did…where is that theme now?).

it’s so obvious now to me that many of the cartoons were just 30 minute advertisements. for example, one cartoon that i don’t remember watching, the visionaries, involves magic soldier-types who have a patch on their chest armor that will reveal an animal of some sort, probably when heated up (on the toys, at least)- i remember the transformers i had having this same feature. and come on, mario brothers, zelda, and captain n, the game master? as if kids didn’t want a super nintendo enough already!

so, we can break down the 80s cartoons into several main categories: the anthropomorphic ass-kickers (e.g. teenage mutant ninja turtle, dinosaucers, swatkats, dangermouse, thundercats, chip and dale’s rescue rangers, bucky o’hare….the question becomes, who started this? i would say tmnt, but i am biased, since they were the first i watched), big ass robots that could change shape (voltron, transformers, gobots…), big muscle guys with swords (he-man, thundarr, and thundercats can fall under this category, too), and their girl-power counterparts or competition (she-ra, jem, shouldn’t there be more?) and the cutesy girl stuff that i didn’t watch but always got as presents from family that didn’t know me at all (rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, my little pony) . you gotta think that the masses who watched these cartoons (you know, my generation) are now coming into power in many industries, and no where is this more prominent than in the movie industry. how interesting that tmnt, spiderman, transformers and the like are now major movies? not to mention the books we grew up on, such as bridge to terabithia and nancy drew.

unfortunately i don’t really have a point to this blog…other than the fact that it is super awesome to see the fabulous cartoons of my youth are still being enjoyed by the jillions of people who, like me, are super nerds and don’t have much to do in their free time… though, really, i’m happy to be such a nerd. i think most of these cartoons had good things to say (e.g. he-man and she-ra were always very polite, and each show had a moral that was discussed at the end of the show)- cartoons today seem to be more about attitude. am i old for having said that? oh well. the point is, i think it’s because of these cartoons (and the 958257694 books i read) that really made me who i am today. thank you, 80s tv…

“heathcliff, heathcliff, no one should terrorize the neighborhood…”

spacedi said…

Oh lordy! Now I know how I’m spending my Sunday…heheheheheh I love these! Also, I’m so with you on the rainbow brite and my little pony….totally had toys of those for some reason, but don’t ever remember watching them. How’d that happen?

Gabriel said…

haha, great post. I watched both youtube videos. I loved a lot of those cartoons. Today i realize almost all of them were just plain awful, yet my irrational side is still vulnerable to that dirty nostalgic appeal. I can easily spend a lot of time watching that stuff if given the chance. And it’s not that i think he-man is cool. It’s like when you fing something that smells weird and you can’t stop sniffing it. Does this make any sense?

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oh, the 80s…

May 24, 2007 at 7:56 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, peeps, take a gander at these shoes i saw at tj maxx recently:

now, do these not bring to mind images of rainbow brite, jem, etc? if not, then you are too young (or too old and boring)! my goodness, if these shoes had been in my size, i might have actually bought them for the shear cartoon 80s goodness… i’m not a fan of the cheesy huge plastic jewelry reminiscent of 80s fashion, but i do like stuff that reminds of the crazy cartoons i grew up with…

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the dark side of womanhood

May 24, 2007 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

a few days ago, i was standing at a stoplight, waiting to cross the street, when a man and a woman in their mid forties joined me. i overheard the man say to the woman “…and then she turned to the dark side of womanhood”.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? i’m so very confused. she had kids? she decided not to have kids? she didn’t sleep with someone? she did sleep with someone? it’s plaguing me!!

in other, related news, i just got a cool t-shirt with a monster on it that says “come to the dark side…we have cookies.” awesome, and decidedly not sexist or confusing!

R. Iosifovna said…

perhaps prostitution, or WORSE…nunnery?!

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an embittered meg.

May 17, 2007 at 7:23 pm (Uncategorized)

so, they tell you that if you go to college, you’ll get paid better in real life. if you get advanced degrees, you’ll get paid even more!

what they don’t tell you is that even though you have multiple degrees that you busted your ass for, while working and still having to take out student loans during college and grad school, much of that increased salary will forever go to paying off those student loans and the credit card debt you managed to wrack up as well. fabulous! i now owe roughly $867,375,920,583 to several scary companies that have recently started calling to hassle me.

so, what can i do for money? do i really love my job enough to endure this? well, it’s a good thing i do, ’cause i can’t really go back on all this debt. that brings us to what the heck i can do on the side. i love crafting, so in theory i could sell stuff i make. i’m looking into that, but i’m worried that: 1) no one will buy my stuff; 2) the supplies will cost more than i can sell the products for; and 3) maybe i’m not as good as i think i am, which feeds back onto both points one and two.

so, what about medical studies? hm, i can’t sell my eggs, i don’t think, because i’m pretty sure only one of my ovaries actually works. even if that weren’t a factor in how you can physically donate eggs, it’ll probably dampen my chances at being a possible donor. not to mention the fact that i’ve got asthma and depression. just what people want in an egg donor. so, there’s always other medical things, like donating plasma or doing drug studies. but, i don’t think plasma pays much, and i think the meds i’m on would interfere with me getting into drug studies.


could i get a second job? that would be perfect- something easy that i could do on the weekends, like a customer service job in a book store or something (which, by the way, was my fallback dream job in grad school). but, my current job keeps me so damn busy that i worry i wouldn’t be able to stick to required part time hours. should i try to get a job anyway? the problem there is that it’s been years since my last customer service job, and all my good references have disappeared in some way or another…

hm…maybe there are labs out there that need weekend help? non-university jobs, i mean. i’ve got a billion years of lab experience now, maybe that would get me something…

augh, i hate this! money sucks so freaking much!

i guess there’s always all those offers from american nationals trapped in nigeria

Anonymous said…

at least you didn’t get a degree in social work like me…i could find myself in the same “welfare” line as my former clients (if i weren’t going to become a terrific nurse, of course). i think donating plasma is like $200 a month, which isn’t bad considering you don’t have to do much and it helps other people. i think you could definitely try selling the jewelry you make. i, for one, would buy some.

R. Iosifovna said…

…or you could be a sex phone operator!
(I was browsing craigslist job ads and came across this: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/etc/332820003.html)

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dreams last for so long

May 15, 2007 at 8:13 am (Uncategorized)

i find myself thinking about marine biology pretty often. no surprise, really, since i spent most of my life believing that i would grow up to become a marine biologist. but while when i was young i would think of all the exciting aspects of marine biology, i now find myself not thinking about the fun aspects of that wet science, but rather how easy it seems i gave up that dream.

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my eyes, my eyes!!

May 14, 2007 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

i love hitting the “next blog” tab up at the top of my blog home page. it opens up a random blog on the the blogger server, and while usually they are crap (e.g. marketing crap or just uninteresting blogs), i do occasionally find really interesting blogs (e.g. ida’s blog).

not today, however. someone is seriously abusing the blogger- one of the random blogs that popped up had several serious close up pictures of naughty lady bits.

and i’m not talking boobs.

i may never hit that button again.

i’m not a prude, by any stretch of the imagination, but there are somethings you want some warning about before unintentionally coming across it. i would’ve reported it except i was at work at the time and closed the page as quickly as possible. in all honesty, though, i probably would’ve quickly closed the page even if i had seen the grossness at home. my eyesight is bad enough as it is, i don’t think i could afford the surgery needed if my eyes completed imploded.

my poor, poor retinas…i might have to scour them with some bleach…

R. Iosifovna said…

bwahahaha! all this nudity, and MY BLOG gets censored. My sexy NOT (completely) nude man is apparently against “photobucket policy”.

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out of order blog

May 9, 2007 at 2:20 pm (Uncategorized)

i found a blog i had started a couple months ago but never posted…i don’t remember if i ever explained why i quit my last job, but if not, here’s a jaunty little blog for ya:

started 3/12/07, 9:17pm
q: so meg, is there anything new in your life that we should know about?
a: um. maybe.

q: and is this something that you have been keeping a secret for a week or so?
a: um. yes.

q: so, what the heck are you hiding from your bloggians?
a: ok, here goes.

i have quit my job. as of just a few hours ago, i sent in my letter of resignation (well, email of resignation). i am officially a chicken sh*t, because i couldn’t tell my boss face to face that i had found a new job. actually, i was terrified that he’d yell and scream and make me cry. i cannot handle crying in front of authority figures, but unfortunately it happens, especially now (as in after the accident). so, i wussed out and worked with my boss all day and then after work sent him my news that i was quiting. ah, well. i don’t want to burn bridges, but i don’t think i can take another day of the passive aggressive, sexist, “you are so stupid that i don’t even want to talk to you”, “haha you’re the only nonrussian in the lab and so we outcast you” attitude my current boss gives me everyday. i gave him two weeks notice, but i didn’t want to, i really wanted to just give him a letter and never come in again.

q: do you have a new job lined up, or are you completely stupid?
a: yes, i have a new job. one day last week i had such an awful day at work (seriously, i was yelled at like i was a twelve year old child) that i started looking at UT job postings. amazingly, i found one in a well respected endocrinology lab…and i really miss doing endocrinology. actually, i never got to do hard core endocrinology work, just molecular work on the periphery of endocrinology. so, randomly, i applied for the job.

this was followed by a whirlwind of talking to new boss, old mean boss, older bosses that i wanted to impress, human resources people, more human resources people, blowing off my new old boss, getting weird cryptic emails from my old bosses i had tried to impress, etc, etc. needless to say, i got the job (i’ve been here almost 2 months now) and the blog above was completely forgotten about. now i work in a lab where my boss appreciates my efforts, and (gasp!) respects my abilities. it’s amazing.

i’ve seen my old boss (the mean one) a couple times on campus, but we haven’t talked at all, really… ah well, who needs bridges, any? i have a lovely habit of burning the crap out of them. my grad advisor, however, burned his own damn bridge when he said we’d never publish my masters work. now, he can go to hell. i hated working for him anyway. talk about your closet sexist bastard! grrr

well, talk about your pointless blog. my brain’s very busy ignoring everything right now, as mother’s day is coming up. last year my lovely, lovely ex-roommate (do you still read this, eveee?) got all my friends together for lunch on mother’s day. it was perfect. this year, i’ll be spending it with the boy and his mom, though my dad might tag along as well. nothing rubs in that i lost my mom like hearing my future mother in law talk about car accidents! can’t you tell i’m totally looking forward to it? i’d be worried the boy might be offended if he read this, if he actually read my blog. but he doesn’t, saying it’s just too sad. fabulous.

alright. ramble over. time to start staring at the clock and wondering when i can get away with going home…

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intense nerditude

May 6, 2007 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

oh yes, i did it. i completed my mini turtle sculpture set!
for anyone not in the know (that is, if you have lived under a rock for your whole life, because, come on, even my friends from china know about the “magic turtles”), they are, from left to right: raphael, the snarky one (who intentionally looks like he’s flipping people off); michelangelo, the party guy (who looks drunk, sigh, i remade him once and still am not happy with him); donatello, the smart one (he is thinking, get it?); and the aforementioned leonardo, the intense-leader guy (who freakin’ jumped off my table and broke his swords, so i had to glue them back together…sigh, again).

oh yes, i did indeed take the time to make these. they stare at me from my bookshelf as i type this, waiting for me to make monsters for them to fight after the lights go off…maybe a mouser or two, or a triceratron?

spacedi said…

Wow. I love these! I think Michelangelo looks like “Hey, dudes! What’s happening?” I love the expressions. I’m not sure I could ever capture their personalities.

Turtle Power!

I wonder what ever happened to all my toys and clothes from childhood? Come to think of it, I don’t actually remember what happened to any of it. I think someone sneakily carted them off! Oh, to still have them! What joy that would be.

i am a nerd.

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another late night

May 1, 2007 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

yup, stuck at work late again- but this time it is my own doing. i still haven’t managed to shake the annoying tendency i have to offer up my time in order to make other people’s lives easier and happier. ah, well, i needed to stay and practice my presentation for tomorrow, anyway.

so, i know i have a new reader (bringing the total to at least 2)- so here’s a big howdy-de-do to ida and esperanza…i was trying to think of something interesting to write that wasn’t just my usual “poop, i’m depressed” rant, but it seems it’s one of those crappy days yet again. maybe i shouldn’t get off my antidepressants yet.

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