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May 9, 2007 at 2:20 pm (Uncategorized)

i found a blog i had started a couple months ago but never posted…i don’t remember if i ever explained why i quit my last job, but if not, here’s a jaunty little blog for ya:

started 3/12/07, 9:17pm
q: so meg, is there anything new in your life that we should know about?
a: um. maybe.

q: and is this something that you have been keeping a secret for a week or so?
a: um. yes.

q: so, what the heck are you hiding from your bloggians?
a: ok, here goes.

i have quit my job. as of just a few hours ago, i sent in my letter of resignation (well, email of resignation). i am officially a chicken sh*t, because i couldn’t tell my boss face to face that i had found a new job. actually, i was terrified that he’d yell and scream and make me cry. i cannot handle crying in front of authority figures, but unfortunately it happens, especially now (as in after the accident). so, i wussed out and worked with my boss all day and then after work sent him my news that i was quiting. ah, well. i don’t want to burn bridges, but i don’t think i can take another day of the passive aggressive, sexist, “you are so stupid that i don’t even want to talk to you”, “haha you’re the only nonrussian in the lab and so we outcast you” attitude my current boss gives me everyday. i gave him two weeks notice, but i didn’t want to, i really wanted to just give him a letter and never come in again.

q: do you have a new job lined up, or are you completely stupid?
a: yes, i have a new job. one day last week i had such an awful day at work (seriously, i was yelled at like i was a twelve year old child) that i started looking at UT job postings. amazingly, i found one in a well respected endocrinology lab…and i really miss doing endocrinology. actually, i never got to do hard core endocrinology work, just molecular work on the periphery of endocrinology. so, randomly, i applied for the job.

this was followed by a whirlwind of talking to new boss, old mean boss, older bosses that i wanted to impress, human resources people, more human resources people, blowing off my new old boss, getting weird cryptic emails from my old bosses i had tried to impress, etc, etc. needless to say, i got the job (i’ve been here almost 2 months now) and the blog above was completely forgotten about. now i work in a lab where my boss appreciates my efforts, and (gasp!) respects my abilities. it’s amazing.

i’ve seen my old boss (the mean one) a couple times on campus, but we haven’t talked at all, really… ah well, who needs bridges, any? i have a lovely habit of burning the crap out of them. my grad advisor, however, burned his own damn bridge when he said we’d never publish my masters work. now, he can go to hell. i hated working for him anyway. talk about your closet sexist bastard! grrr

well, talk about your pointless blog. my brain’s very busy ignoring everything right now, as mother’s day is coming up. last year my lovely, lovely ex-roommate (do you still read this, eveee?) got all my friends together for lunch on mother’s day. it was perfect. this year, i’ll be spending it with the boy and his mom, though my dad might tag along as well. nothing rubs in that i lost my mom like hearing my future mother in law talk about car accidents! can’t you tell i’m totally looking forward to it? i’d be worried the boy might be offended if he read this, if he actually read my blog. but he doesn’t, saying it’s just too sad. fabulous.

alright. ramble over. time to start staring at the clock and wondering when i can get away with going home…


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