a recap of my fabulous weekend, and a rant on why i still like animals more than people

June 4, 2007 at 7:46 pm (Uncategorized)

after blogging last weekend about how i tend to stay in on weekends and watch cartoons, i actually had a sociable weekend that i really enjoyed.

first, i started volunteering at the animal shelter up the street from my apartment. i was worried that i would get really sad when i saw the cats, but i went in with a “i get to pet the kitties!” attitude. however, i came out with a “i can help these kitties!” attitude. seeing those shelter kitties and knowing that they needed love that i could give them was amazing. talk about a warm and happy feeling! the only downside (and this is the mini-rant) is that the people that work at the shelter that i’ve interacted with so far are really bitch-like. why? maybe they are working at a shelter not because they love the animals, but because they have no social skills? all i wanted to know today was when i had to leave, because i was prepared to stay at least another hour (i thought they closed at 8, but turns out they close at 7, boo). however, when i asked a staff member, the girl walked right past me, rolled her eyes, and snarked off a “i really have no idea”- how can they not know? and why be so damn rude??? yes, i understand that people can have bad days, but come on, i spent my day chopping up rat brains after watching a coworker sacrifice baby rats that i then had to disect, and yet i was still a nice, happy person when i went in, in my spare time, to handle cats. you’d think the staff could at least behave like normal, polite human beings. grr.

anyway, after hanging out with some shelter cats saturday afternoon for a couple hours, i decided to go investigate the local feminist bookstore, which was interesting but not overwhelmingly so. then, a friend of mine called to tell me she was in town and that i should go with her to some concerts. that night, i discovered three fabulous bands. first, i saw the unfortunate heads at flipnotics- awesome! my goodness, they were fabulous. i bought their cd, and i’ve been listening to it all day. next, we went to the 710 room, a bar down town (just so you readers knoo, going downtown is an unheard of event for the meg). there, we saw muchos backflips! and opposite day- two more fabulous bands that i bought cds from. i discovered that buying cds directly from the bands is seriously the best way to go- it’s cheaper, and the band members talk to you and are super grateful!


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