some random thoughts

July 31, 2007 at 10:49 am (Uncategorized)

as a lab tech, i am looked to for doing things like giving lab tours to visitors. unfortunately, i never know what to say other than “hey, this is our lab. we do science here. by we, i mean everyone else ’cause i’m a tech”. not so impressive. what the heck am i supposed to say to a potential post doc my boss is trying to recruit? i don’t know her science, but it’s not like i don’t care. i just don’t have that background. ask me about anything related to stress or fish, though, and i’ll talk your ear off.

along the lines of “if a tree falls in the woods…”, if you eat beef stroganoff with no noodles, is it now something else? or does it just mean you were too lazy the night before?

i’m worried i’m getting insomnia again, but not the never fall asleep kind, the wake up and can’t get back to sleep kind. of course, the best sleep i get is when i’m supposed to be getting up, imagine that. with the first kind of insomnia, i have lots of remedies (chamomile tea, baths, reading, etc), but with the second…i’m usually not totally awake enough to do much other than just be angry that i’m not sleeping. not productive to sleeping, let me tell you!

so, kids, what did we learn from this blog post? i’m socially awkward and lazy, but it could possibly all be due to lack of sleep…or at least i’d like to think so…


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