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so, since i left the hell that was port aransas and corpus christi, i have apparently lost 15 pounds- hooray for me! 15 pounds in 6 months, even my doctor was impressed. i didn’t do anything on purpose, either, other than being so poor/broke that i couldn’t afford to eat anything other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for half the month. maybe i should market this as my own diet plan?

“try megan’s fabulous pb&j diet! you’ll think you’re 5 years old again! best if used in combination with 80s cartoons, or their modern equivalent.” i’ll make millions!

however, i discovered today why i will never loose any more weight, and why i will always have a freakin’ belly, no matter how many crunches i do, and how fit the rest of me is. it’s not a matter of what i eat or how i exercise, it’s a matter of universal karma and spite. i found myself muttering over a facebook picture today, “i don’t care if she’s not in my network, i want to know if she’s fat now!”

i am so ashamed. but, on the other hand, whatever. isn’t that why most of the people my age are on facebook? that’s the point of high school reunions, isn’t it? to check up on people you used to know and compare how you are now to how they are? i haven’t had a high school reunion yet, but i don’t want people thinking “hmm, megan, i wonder if i’m skinnier than her, and more successful.” maybe not everyone is like that, but still. i feel like, thanks to facebook and myspace, there really is no point to go to my high school reunions. other than to see if people not in my networks are fat, of course.

so, sigh, first a super slobbery fan girl rant about fuel, and now this. i have a super nerdy blog post half written, it’ll be posted eventually and my i’ll get some self respect back…

spacedi said:Hey, fyi I’m not fat, but I definitely have more of a belly than I used to! hehehe That’s okay with me though. There is no way half of us will ever be as small as when we were 18, so hey! bring on the chocolate! lol Okay, I’m slightly kidding, but now you’ve got me thinking about who’s gotten “fat” or whatnot. I’m sure once I have a kid I’m going to blow up like a whale. hmmmm, oh well 😛

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all that shimmers in this world…

August 13, 2007 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, let me first point out that this blog post will deviate from my normal style of posting, in that i will be talking about music more than ranting about crap. i’m normally not a “fan girl”, one of the slobbering masses of tiny girls who go nuts over a band, a celebrity, etc, but i really did love the band fuel. i only say “did” because they have gotten themselves a new front man (and drummer, i think), which to me makes them a new band.

oh, fuel. fuel, fuel, fuel. how i loved you so, back in the days of brett scallions. shimmer is a beautiful song, sunburn makes me want to weep, and that whole album (also called sunburn) was the first, if not only, album where i loved and still love every single song. i’ve paid big money to go to the last two fuel concerts in austin- this is a big deal, given my unwritten rule to not go to big name bands in austin when there are so many good little local bands. the boy and i bonded over sunburn in high school, and then something like human in college. natural selection took a while to grow on me, but, after brett scallions looked me in the eye while singing falls on me, i was hooked. sigh…

given my past history with this band, i may be very biased to not like the newest version of fuel. so far, i’ve listened to the new album once, and while it seems good, it is lacking the passion that brett scallions put into the words he sang. or at least that’s how it sounds to me so far. don’t get me wrong, it is good…it’s just not the fuel i love. the attitude of the new guy is just not the same…

ok, slobbery fan girl rant over. time to find a new band to love…

ida said:

I shall download…ahem, buy, an album!

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rant roundup

August 10, 2007 at 9:08 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, i don’t know if these are rants so much as just a roundup of the things that are going wrong in my life, but i felt the need to write about all of them. afterall, that’s the reason i blog. it’s like a diary that i let everyone read…whatever. it works for me.

first and foremost, i think i’m loosing my grandparents. my grandmother is developing alzheimers, and it’s getting bad quickly. this is, of course, making my grandpa incredibly depressed. the other day, my grandmother called my dad, thinking he was her brother, saying that my grandpa was holding her hostage, and to call her mother (who has been dead quite a while now). fabulous. i know getting that call probably really upset my dad, too. what can you do if someone you love refuses to go to the doctor? and this is going to sound incredibly self centered, but i’m worried about, well, me. and my dad, and brother. will we have to go through alzheimers, too? my plan has always to go out in a blaze of glory in my youth (haha), but what will i do if my dad gets it? and if i do, will i want treatment? maybe living wills should include something about treatments for mental disorders.

speaking of disorders, my ovary hurts. a lot. A LOT. if you don’t remember (or, if i never blogged about it), back in september i had to get a cat scan to figure out what was going on with my guts, which were seriously rebelling against grad school. the cat scan showed that i had mesenteric adenitis (just an inflammation of my lymph glands around my intestines)…but, the cat scan also showed i had ovarian cysts on my left ovary. i never did anything about it, because i was really relieved that my guts were still working, and because i’ve always had this bad habit of ignoring problems i don’t want to deal with. well, now my ovary really hurts. what if it’s not a cyst? what if it’s cancer, or something crazy, like a tubal pregnancy or something??? well, i’m finally going to the doctor about it, so we’ll just see what it really is……….but what if they have to take out my ovaries? i’ve never had serious plans to have kids, but what if i decide to later? i’ve never been totally opposed to having kids, i’ve just not made the crazy extensive plans to have them that my other, more girly friends have. so, i’d like to still have the option. and no pain in my ovary. and cake that i can eat, also.

and, of course, it is only the 10th of the month and i’ve already seriously overdrawn my bank account. how does this keep happening?? i’m a freakin’ college graduate, aren’t i supposed to be making big bucks? oh, wait, i’m in biology, and refuse to work in the private sector, ’cause working for academia is more fun. poop.

and, finally (though there are probably more issues that i just can’t think of right now), my apartment has sprung a leak. as i walked into my kitchen i noticed that my carpet was wet- ok, so i spilled something, or maybe the cat puked or something. gross, but acceptable. yeah, neither was right. apparently something backed up or something, and a pipe was leaking under my carpet. and wouldn’t stop. i soaked 3 freaking bath towels! fortunately the water doesn’t smell like anything except maybe soap. i called maintanance, at 9:30pm on a friday night…and got a real person! the dude called me “miss megan” and will come fix everything tomorrow morning. i love this apartment complex! even if it is in a neighborhood where people cruise around looking for hookers.

my ovary hurts!

ida said:

Miss Megan!

Life is life. Old people get sick. Young people get sick.

Besides, living in a town where “people cruise around for hookers” is not half bad! Potential employment! Kidding. 🙂

Have a cookie and ice cream! Cheer up, buttercup!

Lily said…

whoa, megan…that super sucks. like super super duper sucks. there’s nothing like losing grandparents…especially after losing a parent. and might i also mention that oddly enough my grandma has alzheimer’s disease too. we didn’t realize how bad it was until she got run over by a car while crossing the street to buy teddy grahams. 😦 how sad is that? that was 2 months before my mom died. now she’s in a nursing home, which is really depressing. so i say we should add this as a requirement for our “club” membership. 1. dead mom 2. relative, grandma preferably, with alzheimer’s disease…i wonder what other great things we can add. i say great in jest, of course. :-/

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