all that shimmers in this world…

August 13, 2007 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, let me first point out that this blog post will deviate from my normal style of posting, in that i will be talking about music more than ranting about crap. i’m normally not a “fan girl”, one of the slobbering masses of tiny girls who go nuts over a band, a celebrity, etc, but i really did love the band fuel. i only say “did” because they have gotten themselves a new front man (and drummer, i think), which to me makes them a new band.

oh, fuel. fuel, fuel, fuel. how i loved you so, back in the days of brett scallions. shimmer is a beautiful song, sunburn makes me want to weep, and that whole album (also called sunburn) was the first, if not only, album where i loved and still love every single song. i’ve paid big money to go to the last two fuel concerts in austin- this is a big deal, given my unwritten rule to not go to big name bands in austin when there are so many good little local bands. the boy and i bonded over sunburn in high school, and then something like human in college. natural selection took a while to grow on me, but, after brett scallions looked me in the eye while singing falls on me, i was hooked. sigh…

given my past history with this band, i may be very biased to not like the newest version of fuel. so far, i’ve listened to the new album once, and while it seems good, it is lacking the passion that brett scallions put into the words he sang. or at least that’s how it sounds to me so far. don’t get me wrong, it is good…it’s just not the fuel i love. the attitude of the new guy is just not the same…

ok, slobbery fan girl rant over. time to find a new band to love…

ida said:

I shall download…ahem, buy, an album!


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  1. R. Iosifovna said,

    I shall download…ahem, buy, an album!

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