on my vacation, and a tale of three kitties

September 29, 2007 at 11:32 am (Uncategorized)

so, i’ve done the unthinkable…i took a week off from work! wow, a vacation, where i can just relax and not feel guilty about not being at work or school, i’ve never had one of these before! not that i got to relax the whole time, i went down to corpus to help the boy move some more. however, i did get to spend a day in port a, and hung out while the boy was at work.

i spent the morning at a coffee shop, just reading a book, which was glorious except for the fact that the coffee shop had changed slightly from when i had been there a year before- it was full of religious paraphenalia, and had a religious “talk” radio station playing (by talk i mean yell and preach, of course). after a while of being creeped out by all of this, i braved the heat and moved to an outside table (gah, port a is hot and humid, all the freakin’ time!) and was joined by a cutie:
teehee! an anole! the deck at the coffee shop was covered in them, but not in a creepy way. i always laugh when i see pet stores selling these for several bucks a piece when they are so easy to find in your yards and, apparently, coffee shops. i also saw a couple hummingbirds. ahhh….a cup of decent coffee, a book, lizards and hummingbirds, and no worries…

so, after a lunch with the boy’s lab in which was slightly awkward, since it is sorta my fault he’s leaving that job and his boss knows it (and during which no one freakin’ asked me how i was doing at my new job, what the hell?), i went to the beach. for those of you who wanted to live vicariously through me on this vacation, even though i was just in port a, i took this video for you:

ah, it was just a perfect beach day! i was the only person on my stretch of beach, and there were cool birds everywhere, and it was just so beautiful… also, there was a lot of weird plant stuff on the beach, like coconuts, bamboo and these weird bright green seeds:
i have no idea what it is, but it does provide a nice contrast to the washed out colors you normally see at the beach. so, much beach love, followed by some time at the birding center and more relaxed reading and dinner with some friends at the best mexican food restaurant in port a…aaahhhh…

the only downside to going to port a occurred when i went to visit with the people i used to work with. now, i’ve mentioned by adviser in previous blog entries, so everyone should now that he’s not exactly my favorite person, especially after he got all weird and told me he would rather not publish my work (so, basically my masters work was for nothing- i need to finish some real time pcr for it, which i could do in austin in someone’s lab…but that would put another person on the paper, which he refuses to do…so no paper for me. we hadn’t talked since february.). but, the week before my vacation i sent an email out to the people i know at the school about getting together for lunch while i was down there, including the adviser- see, i’m the bigger person! he got back to me and mentioned that he was busy (teaching at a community college- ha!) tuesday, but we should meet up, “definitely”. well, unfortunately, i was in town tuesday, so we didn’t do the lunch thing…but then i found out later that he wasn’t actually busy all day on tuesdays, so he was just avoiding me…hmm. well, i went to see him, so i’m still the bigger person. he can bite me. also, i didn’t get a warm welcome from one of my former lab mates. now, i didn’t expect fanfare and parades, but at least a “hey! how’s it going! how’ve you been?!” would’ve been nice. instead, i got a glance over the shoulder, a withering look, and not much else. what the frick?? man, am i glad i got out of port a!

onto the tale of three kitties:

the rest of the vacation was spent packing boxes and cleaning, and on thursday we gathered the two corpus cats, clio and moon, and packed them into the car for the trek up to austin. yay! we (the boy and i) figured that clio, who is a bit of a drama cat, would yowl and cry for the entire three and a half hour drive. however, she completely surprised us and only cried for about a half an hour- very impressive! we figure that having moon there for clio to see must have helped- moon pretty much just slept the entire way. my main concern was that clio would be really freaked out about the new apartment- history has shown that clio really HATES new places. she basically hides in the closet (or worse, litter box) for a few days whenever i move her to a new apartment. i figured moon and jellybean, my austin kitty who adopted me around the time of tobin (who had since left me to go serenade the ladies, though he does visit from time to time) would get along great. they both really like to play, and have the same kinds of little kitty attitudes. however, i was wrong! clio actually totally adjusted to the new apartment immediately, and moon hasn’t stopped hissing at jellybean yet. whenever moon hisses at jellybean, she then gets confused and hisses at clio, who then hisses at both of the other cats. jellybean, on the other hand, seems to not give a crap about either clio or moon. whatever. there hasn’t been any blood shed yet, so i’m happy. plus, all my kitties are together with me! horray! that alone makes my vacation totally worth it.


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