craft of an ovarian nature

October 19, 2007 at 10:33 pm (Uncategorized)

in anticipation of makers faire tomorrow, i’m posting a quick, late night crafty blog. we all know that i suffer from ovarian cysts by now, right? well, i decided to use my craft powers as an outlet for how i really feel about them:
in case you are confused, or need orientation, the huge blue thing is an ovary, and the two beady (literally, haha!) eyed cretins bursting through the poor, hapless and helpless ovary are cysts. now, though i am an endocrinologist tech, i actually don’t know much about the physiology of cysts, but i do know how they feel. according to all the pain they cause me, cysts are little bundles of evil that burst through my poor ovaries at random, inconvenient times, especially when i’m stressed. my original plan was to punch my little felt ovary whenever my real ones hurt, but how could i punch that poor sad face? so instead i will flick the little bastard cyst faces!

and now to sleep and dream of the awesomeness that awaits me tomorrow…though if maker’s faire is just robots like my dad thinks it is i’m going to be pissed…i’ll post pictures, of course, but i’ll still be pissed.


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