i had intended for this to be a happy post…

October 19, 2007 at 5:05 pm (Uncategorized)

ooooh, i’m such a bad blogger. i keep meaning to write, but i’m either too lazy or too busy working or watching cartoons (just finished lucy, daughter of the devil, now on to frisky dingo…). anyway. the boy is finally totally moved in, and the cats still have not killed each other, so all is well, at least at first glance. i turned 26 last week, which was pretty uneventful. i guess i over think my birthdays, so when they aren’t mind numbingly awesome i’m disappointed. my 18th birthday was super, super awesome. maybe i’ll go into details later. i’d have to find a scanner to scan all the scandalous pictures that resulted from that party…

on to other things. i start the second installment of my informal japanese class in a week and a half- so i have a week and a half to relearn everything from the first class! i’m so tired when i get home from work, though, that i pretty much just zone out in front of cartoons instead of pulling out the books. maybe i can get the boy to let me teach him what i learned in the last class- that’s always the best way to learn something, and it would force me to actually do it.

speaking of the boy (who never reads these, anyway), i think we are having little issues settling back into the cohabitation lifestyle. specifically, i think i weirdly put limits on myself when around him, such as not going out to drink as much with my friends, though he’s never limited me in any way. maybe he’s just a convient excuse for me- i recently had yet another %*#&$ student loan become due, bringing my monthly total up to almost $700 dollars. stupid, stupid education! if i was in a field where $700 was not a third of my damn paycheck, i might not be so pissed, but i’m a scientist! not even a real scientist, but a freakin’ science tech- we get paid crap!! i may have to reconsider getting a second job, even with the boy living with me. not to mention the fact that i am already two months behind on my second loan, apparently. i got three bills all at once- september, october, and the original paperwork laying out my repayment schedule. what the hell am i going to do? all i can think of is that i have to get another credit card, just to pay the bills i’m behind on, which means adding a new credit card bill to my stack… crap, why isn’t education free? it should be paid for by the damn government! i’m sorry i’m not from some damn rich family that doesn’t even appreciate their degree! and i’m also sorry my parents worked their asses off and made just enough money so that i couldn’t get any good grants!

on the plus side, the weather is finally becoming tolerable.


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