spam makes me violently ill

October 27, 2007 at 6:21 pm (Uncategorized)

soooooo it’s saturday. while browsing other blogs written by random austin people, i realized that nearly every single blog i viewed had a post for today, and at least every other day before it. how do these super bloggers do it? admittedly a lot of the posts were “hey it’s saturday and i made toast!” or whatever, but i am still impressed by these frequent posters. i think i’ve built up too much pressure for myself to blog- that is, people i actually know read this blog, so i feel i have to always be super witty and interesting. unfortunately, that is rarely the case. sigh…

anyway, here’s what i’ve done so far today: i got up very late, around 1pm (it’s been a very rough week, thank you very much). the boy and i had lunch on our balcony, which was lovely. the balcony is screened in, and is just the right size for a card table, two chairs, some plants and various cats to all hang out in harmony with some room to spare. the weather was freakin’ perfect, too- about 70 degrees, lightly breezy, sunny…the only down side was that the boy made me eat spam. he does this about once a year, because he grew up on spam and loves it, whereas i grew up on monty python and just the thought of canned meat that is not tuna makes me slightly nauseous. however, in the spirit of the lovely day i ate it, along with a lovely potato and cheese omelet. yeah, still do not like spam. the texture freaks me out. and, a few hours later, my digestive system freaked out, too. it’s still not very happy, and i’m wondering if i should attempt to eat real food to calm it down a little, or if that will just anger it further…

anyway, other than anthropomorphizing my digestive system, i also learned how to macrame today, and i’m working on a little carrying case for my (non-ipod) mp3 player. it’s only a few lines long right now, but i’ll post pictures when it’s complete (of course!). also, i’ve discovered that i enjoy doing macrame while watching law and order (svu, of course)- with x-files it was knitting, and with bones it’s beading. if i pick up more crafty hobbies i’ll have to find another television show…


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