return of the anti-emo meg; or, how i spent my day off

November 10, 2007 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

i have a very bad tendency to only write on my blog when i am super depressed. that’s why i started the blog and all, but it does sorta make me sound pretty damn emo all the time. well that’s just not so! i am usually quirky and perky, my friends! why, just this week i had an ultrasound and actually enjoyed it- who does that other than the lovable, huggable meg?

anyway, so i had my ultrasound this week. much to my surprise, it turns out my first doctor was wrong (maybe)- i don’t actually have ovarian cysts. so what causes all my aches and pain? why, good old hemorrhagic corpus lutea! (have fun looking that up, jose! or just stick around for the explanation, i do love explaining stuff…).

lemme explain: so, when you are a post pubertal girl, you develop these little areas on your ovaries called corpus leutea- a corpus luteum develops around each egg a few days before ovulation. the corpus luteum is a happy thing, normally; it nurtures the egg, gives it some delicious hormones, etc…but at the moment of ovulation it violently erupts, thus allowing the egg to leave the ovary and head on down the tubes to the uterus. now, it’s not the actually act of ovulation that is painful- some ladies say they can feel when they ovulate but i don’t believe it, i think it’s all in their heads (as in “owe, my side hurts. i must have ovulated.” right.). after ovulation, if you aren’t pregnant, the corpus luteum just sorta resorbs back into the ovary, happy as can be. in my case, however, the stupid corpus fills up with blood and hurts like hell for a little while before actually shutting the hell up and resorbing like it’s supposed to. hence my pain which i had originally attributed to ovarian cysts. now, if i had cysts, i could take meds and stop this stupid pain. with hemorrhagic corpus lutea, however, i just have to grit my teeth and bare it. oh well. at least i know i’m not diseased, at least not in the reproductive organ department.

but on to the fun part- i actually got a kick out of my ultrasound. i was very disappointed that i didn’t get to keep a copy of the picture, but through the magical program, paint, i have recreated the exciting part of my ultrasound for you all today:
ta-da! i’ll give you all a couple seconds so the awesomeness can sink in.
ok, so maybe this is only exciting to me. what you’re looking at through my mad artistic skills is my left ovary (the big white thing) covered in follicles (all the black dots). now, normally only one ovary will develop follicles (the corpus luteum + egg is called the follicle), and really only one or two follicles will develop per month- that’s what my right ovary was doing. my left ovary is apparently an over achiever, though, since it had about twenty developing follicles on it, including one that was simply massive (and now that i think of it, probably filled with blood. lovely.).

the point of all this babble is that i was actually very excited to see my insides in action, and extremely relieved to find i was not, in fact, about to die from erupting ovaries or something. plus, i got to take an entire day off of work! i had thought i was going to have to be rushed into surgery after the doctor looked at the ultrasound results, so i took a full day off. instead, i was out of the doctor’s office by 9am, with no plans or obligations- woohoo! so i went to mayfield park and stalked all the peacocks:

then i went to kerbey lane and had delicious gingerbread pancakes:
after which i went to another park that i used to go to in my childhood, where my camera decided it no longer wanted to take pictures. anyway, this park, which we all just called northwest though i recently discovered it has a real name (which i forgot), was the park we got to go to when we were good- it was too far to walk to, so we’d have to get our parents to drive us, but it had a fun playscape and weird mechanical swings. the playscape and swings are gone, but the park is still pretty. after the park, i went and spent about 2 hours playing with the various lovely cats at the humane society where i volunteer- so many cute cats!!! i had a lot of things planned to do when i got home, but my own cats were all curled up on the bed, and just really needed me to cuddle them, so of course i took a three hour nap instead of doing my japanese homework or baking or any of the other things i had planned. during this nap i had a dream where i had super powers and a younger david duchovny was chasing me, so all in all it was a fabulous day off…

also, i just realized that my “ultrasound” looks a lot like the moon on a cloudy night, so if that helps you sleep better than thinking that i had fun drawing a picture of my ovary, i’m okay with you thinking that…



  1. spacedi said,

    I think it’s really cool too! Hey, I also know what a corpus luteum is because when I got my first ultrasound that’s how they knew from which ovary the egg had come. I got to ask the lady all sorts of questions of how she knew that, and she explained a lot of the ultrasound stuff to me and Dave (because we were just as wow as the equipment as we were seeing our baby for the first time…I guess we are nerds). Makes me think maybe switching to medical physics is really a good choice for me afterall…Oh, and congrats on not having cysts! Sorry about the pain though.

  2. Jose said,

    next time i look up at the moon, i’ll be thinking of your ovaries..***yikes, what a fun post about ovaries.

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