November 26, 2007 at 7:46 pm (cats, crafts)

so, several people have been complaining about my lack of posting- eat it! it’s my blog and you can’t tell me how to run it! grrr! heehee…

so, here’s one of the reasons why i haven’t blogged in a while:
clio impediment! how can i work under these conditions?? hehe. you can also see some of my other obsessions…the beading paraphernalia, japanese flashcards, cartoons, etc..

so, here’s some random stuff i’ve been up to:

reading: solstice wood, by patricia mckillip
watching: lucy daughter of the devil and aqua teen hunger force, with some bones and svu now and then.
sleeping: til 11 am when i can get away with it. unfortunately the turkey break is over so i have to get up at a normal time for a while, at least until the weekend.
i’m also working on a piece like this for a friend’s birthday, but so far i don’t like it so much. hopefully she will, though…the purple one is uber awesome, though!

anyway, back to beading! more interesting blogs to come…eventually…



  1. Selena said,

    Dear Megan,You’re a poopy head.Only because I said I would at work today.Love,Selena šŸ˜€

  2. Emilie said,

    your cat found a comfy place to rest.

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