do stingrays dream of electric shrimp?

January 4, 2008 at 12:49 am (insomnia)

of course, i don’t know the answer to that, since a). i’m not a stingray and b). i can’t sleep. it does make for a catchy title, though, huh? another one i had was “restless meg syndrome.” what would the commercials be for that, i wonder? something along the lines of “take this magic pill to cure restless meg syndrome! side affects may include itchy knees, lack of late night blog spots, and a strange attraction to ninja turtles.” sweet! i don’t have itchy knees, but my palate itches when i eat walnuts or lettuce. awesome. just a random fact i thought i’d share with everyone.

so anyway…i was thinking about stingrays not only because of the name of my blog (dasyatis= genus of stingrays found all over the world, from the gulf of mexico to australia, e.g. the one that killed steve irwin. they aren’t all bad, though) but because i am currently missing the scientific convention that i usually go to, since i don’t have any fun new data to present and because i’m sick and broke. this convention is the one that i’ve gone to several times, with various labs, and several of my grad school and college friends have asked when they will see me there. well, um, maybe never, at least for this year. it’s being held in san antonio, which means i should be able to just get up and go to it, and i wish i could. it’s always really interesting and the crowd is always super friendly. but, alas, this stupid cold has me beat down. so, i’m going with the reasoning that it is is a good thing that the meeting is in san antonio this year- i’ve been there, and though i like the city i’m not aching to go there. the meetings that were in san diego and new orleans were super fun because i’d never (or almost never) gone to those cities, and even last year’s meeting in phoenix was cool since i’d only been in phoenix to camp (as a kid, with my family) or to change planes (stupid phoenix airport…). i do think it sucks that i don’t get to see my old lab mates and mentors, though, since i’m busy drowning in my own mucous. bleh.

anyway….um…it’s late and i can’t sleep. it is always fun to get up after “bedtime” and see what the cats are up to. moon is going crazy with a toy mouse, clio is walking around hoping i got up just to feed her, and there is no sign of jellybean- she’s a pretty heavy sleep so maybe she didn’t notice me get up.

i wonder if anyone else has noticed that if you take benedryl and tylenol at the same time, you lose the lovely sleep inducing function of the benedryl…i finally decided a little while ago that squinting my eyes shut and just hoping frantically that i’ll fall asleep doesn’t work all the time. being up made me realize that i was really hungry, though- being sick kinda dampens the hunger response, i’ve noticed. great for losing weight, not so great for those of us with low blood sugar levels. so here i am with a cold and what am i eating? vegetables? yeah right! cheese! i’m eating cheese! i love cheese! i have a cheese eater’s fisique! yes, i’m chubby and i just don’t care! i love cheese! i don’t care if it induces mucous production, i’m hungry and in need of some damn cheese…

i’m getting all stir crazy. i feel like the stingrays we kept in grad school- they were kept in these round tank called raceways, and when the rays were first introduced to the tank they would swim around and around and around the edge of the tank, looking for a way out. that’s how i feel- i’m trapped in my apartment by this stupid cold and i keep running back and forth between the bed (to nap), the kitchen (to snack and get tea) and the couch (to watch tv when i can’t nap). bleh! if i am correct in my stingray model analogy, soon i’ll just get grumpy and settle somewhere in the middle and glare at anyone who comes near me. our rays always did look pissed.

poot poot. i want to read my book (academ’s fury by jim butcher, the sequel to the book i just finished that was super good) but the book is in the bedroom, near the boy. the boy recently snapped at me for disturbing his sleep so i think i’ll just let him be for now. (by the way, for any new comers, the boy= my fiance, who is 25. my mom never called anyone by their real name, so when she asked about us she’d say things like “what did the boy get you” or “is the boy coming over for lunch?” it may not sound like it to people who didn’t know her but it was a term of endearment coming from her).

sigh, perhaps i should try sleeping again…i feel some hints of sleepiness, and i think my being up is riling up the cats. plus i’m out of crackers for my cheese. plus i just heard a weird noise that sounded like a voice where there was no one…um, creepy. time for bed!


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