January 9, 2008 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

i have been sleeping very poorly the last few days (or week, or millions years, as it feels to me), and as a result something mind numbingly embarrassing happened:

seriously, what the hell did i do? there must have been a very serious disconnect between my brain and my eyeballs- i can imagine it now, my eyeballs were screaming “no, dumbass, those are not the same shoes!” while my brain was thinking “shoeshoeshoecoffeecoffeecoffeesleepsleep…” or some such nonsense, completely ignoring my eyeballs. the worst of it is i didn’t notice that i had mismatched shoes on until 3pm…and the first person i pointed it out to was my boss. fabulous. thankfully no one else noticed until i pointed it out to them (e.g. “you think you’re tired? look at my shoes!”). i can blame it on my cold (which i am finally almost over) or on the fact that i hadn’t been to work in two weeks, but the truth of the matter is just that i obviously should not be allowed to leave the house unless i have gotten a full night’s sleep!


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