i must not let the bastards wear me down…

January 15, 2008 at 7:32 pm (rants)

i must not, must not, MUST NOT let the bastards wear me down! whether they be crotchety old witches who are contrary on purpose or collaborators with good intentions but circumstances that completely ruin my carefully laid plans for the week, i must remember that there are people, cats and things in my life much more important. the bastards are merely blips in my life that i occasionally have to encounter but that have no bearing on my overall well being. so what if my fellow tech at work is an evil shrew who hates my guts? it’s not like i have to fight her for publications, and i’d rather interact with s. and e. anyway. and so what if my collaborator isn’t sending me tissue until thursday even though i planned for it to be here tomorrow, so now i have to be in lab until 2 in the morning or something? at least i’ll be so busy at work that i won’t have time to think about how angry the little wicked witch of the south (because her lab is south of mine) makes me.

not that i mean any disrespect to any witches out there. i’m wiccan (pretty much, sort of, though definitely historically) so the above mentioned “witch” is only used because i don’t want to use any stronger language…


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