days like these…

February 4, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

ahhhh….it’s nice outside, i’m sitting at a coffee shop on the patio, i’m working on a presentation of my research, and all seems right with the (my admittedly tiny) world. this is what graduate school should have been. it’s days like these that i love living in austin! of course, it’s february and already in the 80s, which does not bode well for the upcoming summer, but it could always snow in april again, like last year. for now, however, the weather is perfect, my job is perfect, and my relationships with my boss, the boy, and my assistants are all perfect. i’m quite the believer in loving your situation when it’s good, so i’m going to get lost in this moment for a while…

*edit, 7/29/08- wow, can we say foreshadowing? mere days after writing this post, my job life went to hell when a bunch of gossiping jerks decided to blame all their problems in the lab on me. after i gave the presentation that i mention above, my boss had a 1-on-1 “talk” with me about being professional in the work place…based completely on how unprofessional everyone else was being. apparently to save their own gossiping skins, the b****es in my lab fed my boss a bunch of crap about how i was dividing the lab between “my side” and the other tech’s “side”. i wasn’t allowed to defend myself, because though my boss threw all this info at me (e.g. “i heard you said xxx” and “you were heard saying xxx”), every time i tried to say something in my defense i got “well, i know this is hard but it’s your word against theirs”.

the super ironic parts of this whole debaucle? the wicked witch tech got fired, the boss now acts like we are total pals (ok, not really, but she does act like none of this ever happened, and respects me a ton more now), and the gossiping h**bags now act like my best buds.

why am i still working here???


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  1. R. Iosifovna said,

    Because you need the damn paycheck. Work is so icky.

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