bad dream, bad day

February 7, 2008 at 9:33 am (Uncategorized)

i think my day was ruined before i even got out of bed this morning. you know when a dream is just so bad that you know it will color your entire day? i had a one of those last night, and it was a doozy. i don’t really want to describe it, but it involved the boy leaving me, getting raped by a famous pro football player, my mom dying in my arms, and no one around my giving a crap about any of that. the only good thing about the dream was right at the end i finally find the boy, and he’s really happy to see me and we love each other and he actually cares about what i’ve been through.

in real life, he’s really like that. that’s why i love him.

also he’s super cute. and has a nice butt.

in other news my first guitar lesson ever is today, so hopefully my bad day will turn into a good day around or before 6 pm…


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