i want my blog back!

July 23, 2008 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)

i don’t care if people from work read it any more. whatever.

i have been having crazy, crazy dreams recently. last night i had a dream that my boss wanted me to help one of our students with an animal surgery (which is what we do, sometimes), but she wanted me to help him catch a moose to use for the surgery (which is not what we do). then on the way to catch the moose, i had to stop at the bank because i wanted to get help consolidating my debt (which i’ve been thinking about a lot lately). only, when i finally saw a banker, i couldn’t say how much debt i had with out crying. fantastic!

the other night i dreamed about ninja turtles and dinosaurs. much more exciting.

i missed my blog! i missed just randomly typing the thoughts that float around in my massive noggin! i started a real life journal but it just isn’t the same.

here’s a good example of something that i’ve wanted to blog about but put into my journal instead:

the boy and i were talking about shoes. he mentioned how he wanted to get some yellow work boots he wanted. i said something along the line of how only thugs wear the yellow boots. he said that he had to represent his thugs life, and i replied, “you don’t have a thug’s life.” his reply was, “yeah, more like a bug’s life.” HAHAHA!!!

ok, though it pains me, i’m going back to work…but i’ll be back!


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