i still make stuff!

July 29, 2008 at 8:45 pm (Uncategorized)

really! i’ve been feeling guilty about not blogging about my crafty endeavors, but i do still make stuff…observe!

i recently decided i needed yet another journal that i would write in for a few pages and then abandon (that last phrase is dripping in sarcasm, by the way), but instead of spending tons of money on a pretty leather journal, i bought a cheap, ugly sketchbook:

and made it pretty:

i can’t remember where i first saw it, but somewhere on craftster.org someone mentioned having made jewelry out of doll house accessories, so i had to peruse that section of hobby lobby last time i was there, and after some careful choices, painting, and beading, i ended up with this:

teehee! a bird house necklace! i’ve had the little bird charm for a while and not known what exactly i was going to do with it, but i knew right away when i saw the doll house bird houses. and they (the bird houses) came 5 to a pack for less than 2 bucks- woohoo! i also included a little black leaf bead, which completed the necklace nicely. the only sad thing is that when i tried to finish it, the “lacquer” (by which i mean clear nail polish) ate through the white paint, though not the black, which is nice and shiny. whatever.

i also made this, after coming across a stash of empty snail shells at my bus stop:

teehee again! i painted a snail shell with many layers of this neat nail polish i have (but that i’ve never worn), then slowly worked a couple holes in it for the jewel and the finding. no snails were harmed in the making of this pendent, i promise. the people whose house backs up on the bus stop had cut down their bushes at their fence, and under one was a pile of empty snail shells. ever the scientist and packrat, i started picking them up, and it was actually the boy (!) who suggested crafting with them.

i’m also in the midst of inheriting all my mom’s art stuff, including a huge lot of “junk” jewelry, the type of stuff famous revamping crafters like this lovely (austin!) lady would drool over. my mom used to get these huge bags of broken jewerly from goodwill and the like, and she’d find really cool stuff among the broken earrings, etc, that naive people would be giving away. so, i’m slowly letting my itchy crafty hands wander over it and work the pieces that she had merely stored over into things i like. for example, i turned an earring into a necklace (see the picture to the right). i don’t know if you can tell, but the pendant is a shell with a snake wrapped around the top of it. i thought it was fitting to use green beads for the rest of it. more of these refurbished goodies will follow!

ok, so, i had planned to spend at least part of the night cleaning my crafting area, because, come on, no one can work in this mess, not even me!
it’s like i’m slowly building a fort of boxes of craft supplies around my desk chair. my desk is hardly any better:
gah, what a mess. i need to clean, and properly. usually i only clean when i desperately need clean space on which to start another project, which means craft supplies end up who knows where. this time i’ll hopefully put stuff away properly (after all, i have a bunch of cool storage bins that i spent a bunch of money on!). hmm, but i am feeling sleepy now…


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  1. R. Iosifovna said,

    Ooo-la-la! The birdhouse necklace is A-mazing!Some folk can’t ever get away from blogging. I’m glad you’re one of them! (I’ve written like 129038910283 different blogs. I start. And stop. And start. And stop.)

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