my little walnut

August 28, 2008 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

i promised my friend i’d spend some time gushing about her, and since she is lovely and as into crafting as i, i’m a-gonna do it. names have been changed to protect the “innocent.”

so, meet “yee yee”, the girl who started out as my assistant and became my good friend:
oops, that’s my lovely moonie, trying on eye wear. i keep forgetting to ask yee yee if i can put pictures of her on my blog. she takes lovely pictures of me, though:
if you look closely, you can see fake chest hair on the wall to my left. awesome. we’re at terra toys, a super fun toy store in austin. it’s like toy joy, but bigger, with all the books from my youth. unlike many people i’ve hung out with, yee yee loves all the same weird things i do. toy stores? yes. weird thrift stores? of course. any random whim that comes to mind? we do it! next week we are going to hit up all the asian markets (or a subset, at least, there are a billion in austin) to look for books for her mom as well as random awesomeness, topped off with a trip to one of the buddhist temples (i’ve always wanted to visit them).

yee yee is also a super good friend, because she’s been through a lot of shit too, and we both seem to have come through our situations with similar attitudes. i can’t really explain it. but, while other people treat me like i’m porcelin, or think i’m crazy, or whatever, i can totally be myself around my little walnut.

we’re having our first craft day tomorrow- woohoo! i have corrupted the yee yee and convinced her that making things is the key to happiness. i can’t decide what were going to do, though. i was excited to do some decoupage, to make some cool converted cigar boxes, but after going to ten freaking liquor/tobacco stores, i only got one damn box! grr…

so here’s to yee yee! a lovely girl who i hope will never tire of my madness.

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August 15, 2008 at 8:25 am (Uncategorized)

inspired by this blog, i’ve decided to make a list of 101 goals, or, to be less scary and presumptuous, a list of stuff i’d like to do (eventually). keep in mind these are all stuff i want to do in my personal life, not stuff i need to do for work…though that list is almost as long…

i actually started this list a month ago, so i was able to cross some stuff off before i really published it. yay me!

ok, here we go:

1. clean apartment
2. keep apartment clean
3. visit austin craft stores
4. take a sewing class
5. save money
6. buy a house
7. hang out with my crazy cats more
8. organize crafting supplies
9. figure if i want a new job or not
10. lose some weight
11. start working out
12. find a shampoo that doesn’t make my head itch but also make my hair look good
13. find new music
14. make balcony pretty
15. stop forgetting to water plants
16. keep in touch with old friends
17. ride my bike more
18. make a skirt
19. see the new batman movie- done! 8/9/08
20. read the last harry potter
21. reread the 6th harry potter again
22. stop buying new books until i’ve read all the books i already have
23. read all my back issues of CRAFT magazine
24. get some cool doll house stuff to make kitschy jewelry from
25. finish my current embroidery project
26. start the new embroidery project i’ve been thinking about
27. help dad clean out mom’s art room
28. organize the new crafting stuff i get from mom’s art room
29. figure out why my cat kiwi enjoys sleeping under the blanket with me, with his nose basically in my butt. – done. he’s crazy.
30. learn some new recipes
31. learn more about buddhism.
32. pay off credit cards
33. be more active on
34. decide if i want to sell the stuff i make or not
35. watch less tv
36. try using crayons to fill in embroidery projects
37. stop being so lazy on weekends
38. get another raise
39. blog more
40. actually finish a journal before i start a new one
41. write more fiction
42. be better about taking allergy medication
43. watch some classic movies (like father goose and some like it hot)
44. get in touch with people on mom’s side of the family
45. go visit my paternal grandparents
46. buy a scooter
47. learn how to ride a scooter
48. get a better paying job, or at least get a good raise
49. go to the doctor’s more often
50. go to the dentist more often…as in, ever!
51. get professional photos done of me and the boy for the various parents
52. organize the zillions of photos i have
53. make a scrapbook for clio
54. start a scrapbook for kiwi and moon
55. stop taking annoying people at work so seriously
56. make more craft gifts for people
57. get people their presents on time…
58. take a knitting class
59. learn real knitting, or at least how to make more than just scarves on a loom
60. learn screen printing
61. learn to make mosiacs
62. make more clay things, using wire mesh as a base
63. organize my bookshelves
64. finish watching the life of birds, the life of mammals and blue planet
65. find more documentaries to watch
66. be better about wearing sunscreen
67. get over the things people say, especially about how i dress (stupid jerks telling me to dress my age…anyone can wear t-shits and jeans! and i’m a damn scientist, i’m not wearing heals in the lab! grr…ok, this one might take some work)
68. go on more vacations
69. go camping more!
70. make cool new purses rather than buying ones that i only sorta like
71. make a list of 50 things i love about the boy
72. make a list of 50 things that make me happy
73. watch more good movies
74. learn how to felt stuff
75. drink more tea
76. drink less coffee
77. eat more fruit
78. read more classical novels
79. shave legs more often
80. go to bed on time
81. get to work on time
82. finish this list- done! gah, i started it on 7/26 and finally finished it on 8/15…
83. admit that bridget jones’ diary is a guilty pleasure of mine
84. get office desk organized (i know, it’s work stuff, but it would improve my general well being)
85. get home desk organized
86. go see brother in portland, oregon
87. finally spread mom’s ashes over the grand canyon
88. buy a sony ereader
89. let the boy know how much i love him
90. stop drooling over christian bale (oh, so pretty…)
91. get off antidepressants
92. forgive old adviser for being such an awful mentor to me in grad school
93. update my poor ol’ etsy site
94. play guitar more
95. play bass clarinet more
96. join a local community orchestra
97. sing more
98. buy or make more dresses
99. be more professional at work
100. figure out how to stop being so nervous in conversations that i have to make sound effects during silences
101. get back into wearing contacts

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