my little walnut

August 28, 2008 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

i promised my friend i’d spend some time gushing about her, and since she is lovely and as into crafting as i, i’m a-gonna do it. names have been changed to protect the “innocent.”

so, meet “yee yee”, the girl who started out as my assistant and became my good friend:
oops, that’s my lovely moonie, trying on eye wear. i keep forgetting to ask yee yee if i can put pictures of her on my blog. she takes lovely pictures of me, though:
if you look closely, you can see fake chest hair on the wall to my left. awesome. we’re at terra toys, a super fun toy store in austin. it’s like toy joy, but bigger, with all the books from my youth. unlike many people i’ve hung out with, yee yee loves all the same weird things i do. toy stores? yes. weird thrift stores? of course. any random whim that comes to mind? we do it! next week we are going to hit up all the asian markets (or a subset, at least, there are a billion in austin) to look for books for her mom as well as random awesomeness, topped off with a trip to one of the buddhist temples (i’ve always wanted to visit them).

yee yee is also a super good friend, because she’s been through a lot of shit too, and we both seem to have come through our situations with similar attitudes. i can’t really explain it. but, while other people treat me like i’m porcelin, or think i’m crazy, or whatever, i can totally be myself around my little walnut.

we’re having our first craft day tomorrow- woohoo! i have corrupted the yee yee and convinced her that making things is the key to happiness. i can’t decide what were going to do, though. i was excited to do some decoupage, to make some cool converted cigar boxes, but after going to ten freaking liquor/tobacco stores, i only got one damn box! grr…

so here’s to yee yee! a lovely girl who i hope will never tire of my madness.


1 Comment

  1. WALNUTTTTTTT :) said,

    yay yes you may but only if i be lookin mighty fiiiiiiine. that or crazy awesome. or just crazy will suffice, as that’s all i’ve got going for me. although moon does have a striking resemblance to me….

    yum for nutty pancakes and future fun fests!

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