dear lab…

September 10, 2008 at 12:47 pm (rants) ()

dear lab.

why do you suck? it seems you have come back around to blaming all of your issues on me. i am merely a staff member, do not get mad at me for being done with school. i manage you, and i manage you right, so stop whining. don’t make me go find a new job, ’cause i will if it comes to it. people are hiring, and they pay more than you do. oh yes. and i am more than qualified to go work for those people who would pay me more. so shut it and suck it.





  1. selenaaaaa said,

    oh yeah, i forgot to type this like i said i would when you were going out of your way to help me and keep me company for a few hours this morning…

    …but you suck, too.

    har har, get it b/c that was completely sarcastic since i started out with an itty bitty bit of your super duper awesomeness and then did a fake-out you suck bit? hahaha, i funny….

    but uh, case and point is that lab sucks for thinking that you suck and i hate lab for being poopy to you and you’re awesome and i lub you.

    this comment is crazy and long and it’s funny because i actually wrote another one that was better and then got deleted and then i tried to recreate it but it was an epic fail as all i have here is exascerbated confusedness. soooooo

    the end, fin.

  2. E said,

    I still think you need to find bigger and better things.

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