warning: this is a rant

September 20, 2008 at 3:17 pm (rants)

aaaaaargh! there are many perks to working on a major university campus. it’s big, it has lots of cool things to do, lots of art everywhere, random free food, etc., etc. but, there are downfalls, too. today’s rant is dedicated to all the damn football people who hijack my campus and want to charge me $20 to park at my own damn building on those unfortunate occasions when i have to go to work on a game day.


let me reiterate: aaaaaaargh!!! i work here, and it’s already hard enough to park or commute into campus during the week. most of you damn tailgaters didn’t even go to school here, and yet you get preferential treatment? my university is supposed to be one of the top 10 research universities in the damn world…so let me get to work and do my damn research! it’s not like any of the damn football money goes to the science departments. if it did, i might have slightly more sympathy. but no, football always gets put before the sciences- for example, a new biomedical research building was just built on campus, and was completed a couple months ago. a few weeks later, part of the football stadium finished its own construction, but wasn’t open for a while. so, who gets their internet and phones turned on first? is it the building where people are already working, the building that was completed first? no, of course not. it was the damn football stadium. now my own lab gets pushed even further back on the list of stuff we’ve requested the physical plant help us with. all for stupid football fans.


don’t get me wrong, i have no beef with football players, mostly, even though most of them wouldn’t know what a hormone was even if it bit them in the ass. i was in marching band, and i mostly liked it, so i know games are fun, and everyone works hard. but i work hard now, too, and all i ask is that you damn fans let me get to work and do my job. no, i will not let you into my secured building just because you are here for the game. no, i will not wear my school colors on purpose (actually, i tend to always be wearing the opposite team’s colors…oops. also not on purpose). no, i will not stick around and watch the game at one of the gillions of bars around campus, and cheer for random reasons while ogling the waitress. my school spirit is expressed by doing my research hard and well, giving up precious weekend time to complete an experiment even though i don’t get paid to, and generally contributing to that fancy title of being a super awesome research institution. so give me a break, i just want to get to work, do my job, and go home.


in other, mildly related news, i have an interview on monday!! it’s for a fancy pants lab that looks at viruses and other microbes as  delivery systems for drugs/therapy for cancer, etc. very fancy. we’ll see how it goes. the grad students in my own lab continue to think i am lazy and incompetent, and while my boss always tells me how great my work is and how no one knows how hard i work but her, i continue to be rankled. so much so that i understand that the last sentance didn’t make any sense, and i don’t care.


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