real life is real stupid

September 22, 2008 at 6:17 pm (Uncategorized)

my stupid interview was today. there’s a good chance i’ll get offered the job, but i don’t want it. it pays more, but the prof is a big jerk. on purpose, apparently! we were barely into the interview and he made a big deal about how my plan for my life sucked. yeah, i know dude. my plan for life didn’t work out. i don’t want to be a professor (which he agreed with, the system sucks), so my options for a “career” suck. also, that job would involve a lot more animal work than i do now, which is no good. and their lab is even bigger than my current job. i didn’t know that was possible!

stupid, stupid jobs, stupid interviews, stupid money, stupid life. but, i don’t want to get depressed over this. i’m going to apply for more state jobs, like environmental positions maybe. the universe needs to cross its fingers for me. seriously. i’m ready for a break!


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  1. E said,

    Sending positive waves to you…..


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